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Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UK

Social media marketing for fashion brands. If you have a clothing brand, having a presence on social media is a must-have. Because of this, creating a marketing strategy is one of the first things you must do when launching your brand.


Social media can be of great help to boost your brand and improve your sales. Besides, it can be your best friend when it comes to gaining fame. With them, you can get your brand out there and thus, grab the attention of people. Not only that, but thanks to it, you can even position yourself against the competition.


On social media, your clothing brand must have a style that makes it stand out from the rest. For this, find out your brand’s tone and personality. Besides, you must also figure out how you want others to see it and its place on the market.


However, we know that social media is a complex world. Thus, learning to master each of its functions is a challenge. On the other hand, creating the marketing strategy would require much prior knowledge and research. Now, if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here, we’ll tell you all you need to know about social media marketing for fashion brands.


Why does your fashion brand have to be present on social media?


Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UKFor some people, this aspect may be very obvious. However, we want to explain in more detail the importance of creating a presence on social media for your fashion brand.


The reason why your fashion brand must be on social media is very simple. It’s a fact that social media is the virtual space where people spend most of their time. Thus, the more social platforms you use, the better your chance of getting new customers. However, these must align with the type of audience you’re targeting.


By being part of social media, you will have more opportunities to make yourself known. This way, you can grab the attention of those communities that may like your clothes. Besides, this is a very low-cost promotional tool that will help your show the world how unique is your brand. As a result, you will stand out from other brands selling clothing for everyone.


In which social platform should I be?


Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UKAlthough the idea is to cover the largest number of social platforms for your business, sometimes this isn’t profitable or doesn’t make much sense depending on the niche you are in. Thus, we will explain how each social media platform can help you.


  • Facebook


    • It fosters relationships between people and the brand.
    • You can create content strategies focused on the product and its benefits.
    • Create a stronger community.
    • Creation of ADs for Facebook and Instagram.
    • Control and monitor the management of the fan page.
    • Use Facebook Live for your events.
    • Helps analyze platform metrics.



Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UK

  • Twitter, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


    • You can make tweets or multi-photo threads showing the outfit of your products.
    • Ideal for the storytelling of your brand.
    • You can show the benefits or the success story of your business.
    • You can use Periscope to broadcast your brand events live.
    • Make brand retweets similar to the character and identity of your brand. This encourages networking and helps your brand interaction, that is, greater growth. 


  • YouTube


    • Create your brand’s channel with exclusive videos of its events or showing the collections.
    • Ideal for the millennial public since these are a large part of the users of this platform.
    • Create videos of your brand’s products, showing their character and identity.
    • You can create the image of influencers from your own account or ambassadors who show your clothes.
    • Ideal for creating campaigns that intrigue users.


Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UK

  • Instagram, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


    • It’s the best for creating communities.
    • You can show the full aesthetic of your brand.
    • Stories will be your allies.
    • It’s a favorite among people and influencers.
    • Creates communities with hashtags.
    • You can run contests.
    • You have users from all over the world.
    • Create an attractive creative proposal.



Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UK

  • Pinterest


    • Create boards with trends of your brand’s products.
    • If your target audience is adult women between 30 and 45 years old, this platform is for you.
    • You can offer content on tips and advice to use your clothes.
    • It helps you redirect people to your website.
    • You can promote “evergreen” content. These contents can be used all the time and don’t lose value.


  • TikTok, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


    • It creatively highlights your brands.
    • You can interact with different followers and influencers.
    • It’s a social platform on the rise, very popular these days, and with many users.
    • You can show the process of creating the pieces. For example, how the designs are made and followed up until the finished work is reached.
    • Create your brand story. From the workshop and the creation of your designs.
    • Offer discount codes to those who follow you on this platform.
    • Show behind-the-camera videos during photo shoots.


How to propose a social media marketing strategy for fashion brands?


Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UKThe first thing to understand is that your fashion marketing strategy cannot be taken lightly. Within social media, what matters most is interaction, and you must find ways to encourage conversation among your followers.


Nowadays, everything related to marketing in the fashion sector is called Fashion Marketing.


Fashion marketing is all those techniques focused on the consumer or client who loves fashion.


All of this aims to sell clothes, products, and services. However, we know that you don’t just sell that. You sell a whole lifestyle and a way of seeing the world.


Each of the marketing strategies that are applied in fashion brands is different from those strategies that are linked to other sectors. This is because the fashion industry works under the consumer’s perception of life, culture, lifestyle, and socioeconomic level.


Nothing is random; each element in a fashion collection is intentionally put there. Marketing strategies must work under the same principle. If your strategy is not well thought out and planned, it may not help you achieve the goals you have in mind. In this blog, we will explain how to stand out on social media and the strategies that can help you be more successful.


How to excel on social media?


Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UKWe know that a new fashion brand can come to light daily, implying more competition. But there are certain elements that, if you are very clear about them, may be the ones that help you to stand out from everyone.


These factors are:


  • A personalized Branding job.
  • Well thought out marketing strategies.
  • Advertising for positioning and Ads.
  • Many innovative ideas that your clients have never seen before.


In addition to all these elements, your brand must be aware of what is happening in the world. You have two options as a business: adapt to fashion trends or create your own trends.


Either way, your content and your work on social media must stay at the forefront. This will attract new customers who will come to you for the valuable content you offer them.


Where to start?


Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UKThe first steps in working on your marketing strategy may not be as entertaining as designing the garments. However, this will be the basis for each of the future steps you take with your brand.


  • Segmentation of your customers and the market.


Here you will do a study on who are the clients you are going to address. You must know what the characteristics of these people are.


For example, their ages, lifestyle, how they feel about their style of dress, what is their profession, among others. These segmentations are better known as Demographic and Psychographic segmentation. On the other hand, market segmentation is the people with similar characteristics with the exact needs and wants.


Social media marketing for fashion brands | BluCactus UK

  • Sales and communication channel, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


How you are going to sell your products is another important point. You have to define which channel will be where you will distribute your garments. For this, you can ask questions like Do you have a physical store? Do you work only online? As well as, do you ship worldwide, or do you only do domestic sales? Do you have an e-commerce page? These are questions to ask yourself before you even start selling.


Experts recommend creating your website as another communication element that will be very important within your strategies. Some clothing brands don’t have websites but are managed through social media and communicate with their customers through these platforms. It is up to you to decide which channels are ideal for you.


  • Strategies, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


Finally, we come to marketing strategies, which are based on the objectives you have as a brand. If you are looking to promote yourself, you will have a different strategy than if your main objective is to increase your sales. First, define what the goals you want to achieve with your brand are. It is best to write them down in a document and keep them within reach for constant review.


Marketing strategies you can use


Marketing strategies you can use | BluCactus UKNext, we present different marketing strategies you can implement with your fashion brand.


  • Include influencers in your events or festivals.


Social media influencers are those able to explain how your product is going to be.


But instead of sending them the clothes, you can invite them to the events.


This will get the influencers to speak well of your clothes and the entire brand. Remember, they are in charge of advertising your event and promoting the brand through their different platforms.


As a result, they are the ones who will bring new followers to your account, don’t underestimate them.


  • Create relevant and valuable content.


Here you can be as creative as you want when creating your social media content. However, you must be careful with your published materials because they must fit your target audience or buyer personas. Create audiovisual or written materials that add something to the lives of your followers. On the other hand, even if you should be active on social media, it’s best to offer high-quality content and not just publish for the sake of it.


  • Take advantage of important dates, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


Take advantage of important dates | BluCactus UKEach brand has different dates that are important to them. Either because it’s changing from the autumn/winter collection to the spring/summer one, or it’s the date of the brand’s founding.


What’s important here is to take advantage of these celebrations to promote yourself and thus increase your sales.


Try to be creative during the content creation process during these special dates. For example, create complete campaigns alongside images, videos, stories, and, if possible, events that help you attract new customers.


You can hook the audience with this strategy and thus offer them an experience with the celebrations. As we said before, everything is valid in fashion because creativity has no limits. The best advice we can provide you with is to find ways to impact your followers through social media with intrigue or surprise promotional campaigns.


  • The packaging is important too.


It’s not just the inside that matters. The outside is also important. Work with fun packaging to grab the buyer’s attention once they receive their package. Make it eye-catching, and ensure that it shows your brand’s personality. Create an experience for your buyers to be able to acquire one of your garments. We know that everything is based on the visual, aesthetic, and attractiveness in the fashion world. If you want your customers to remember you and be eager to purchase your products, this is an excellent strategy among the other thousands of Fashion Marketing.


  • Present your content in new formats, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


Present your content in new formats | BluCactus UKEvery day, social media users prefer mostly visual content and like reading less.


That’s why, in the last year, both stories and videos on social platforms have unleashed a furor.


But, if you want to stand out from the crowd and the competition, you must present your content in new and better formats. Don’t be afraid to play with technology and get out of your comfort zone. With new technologies and the characteristics of social media, you can use video in 360º formats, Live Photos, virtual reality, and IGTV. You can even make Livestreams on your social platforms to show exclusive content.


Another strategy is to redirect your followers to your website to offer them in-depth content.


For example, interviews of the personalities that support your brand or the team members who work on your pieces’ creation, design, and distribution.


Use similar audiences in your marketing strategies | BluCactus UK

  • Use similar audiences in your marketing strategies.


Using similar audiences is a great ally in finding new clients. All platforms have a series of hashtags that unite diverse communities interested in these topics.


If your brand can take advantage of any of the hashtags to be part of those communities, do so. It will help you to have more presence on social media and give you a much greater reach among other possible clients who are interested in your garments. Finally, you could review the profiles of your competition and follow the same clients that they have.


This will allow you to make yourself known to the competition and not go unnoticed by them.


Another way of working is by using ADs on different platforms to reach new audiences similarly.


  • A/B testing to optimize your content and marketing strategies.


A/B testing to optimize your content and marketing strategies | BluCactus UKA/B testing is a valuable research tool for testing the same content presented in various forms.


This is done to find out which kind of content does your audience likes best.


This strategy can benefit your brand if you have an idea of ​​the material you want to publish but are unsure of the best content or preferred form of publication for your followers.


You can implement A/B tests in all types of ads, organic or paid, as well as in the use of copies, images, videos, headlines, and other content you have doubts about. With them, you will be able to discover which type of publication encourages a conversation among your followers and which one remains silent.


Here we leave you a blog explaining exactly how you can use A/B testing and different tips to do it all.


  • Check the performance of your marketing strategy.


Here, you must use different SEO tools to know if all your efforts in social media pay off. Besides, on each social platform, you can analyze the metrics of each post, the number of interactions, and the percentage of posts.


If you have a website or e-commerce, optimisation tools such as Google Analytics and Google Console will be your best friends. Thanks to them, you can know the performance of your marketing strategies. In this sense, you will discover how many people visit your website, how many have subscribed, and the percentage of the bounce rate on your website.


  • Stay creative and up to date, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


We talked about this before, but we cannot stop emphasizing it. You must stay up-to-date with fashion trends worldwide and new marketing strategies.


Once you know what the marketing and fashion strategies are, you can get creative to use them. Look for new ways to reach your audience while allowing you to promote yourself. This way, you will sell more of your products and your clothes.


  • Optimize your content on each platform, Social media marketing for fashion brands.


If you have content on your social media that is outdated and you didn’t optimize it at the time, now is the time to do it. Make sure that your posts have the correct tags or hashtags. Also, consider adding your location as it can be very helpful to get local customers. This way, they can easily find you and make you known as a local business.


On the other hand, if your social media content isn’t up to date, you can take it back and update it. This shows your clients that you are a fashion expert. This, while showing that you are aware of everything that happens in the industry, generates confidence in your brand. If these contents are “evergreen”, you can take advantage of them all the time at any time of the year. Besides, they are contents you can plan, optimize and update from time to time.


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