9 strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store

9 strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store | BluCactus UK

9 strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store. Each social media has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if you have an online clothing store, Instagram becomes your best option if you want to reach your target audience to generate more sales.


This constantly growing platform allows you to get closer to the user and connect emotionally. And for this, you must consider nine strategies to sell on Instagram that will help you make yourself known. And in this post, we will mention them.


What are the benefits of selling on Instagram?


9 strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store | BluCactus UKSelling with your online clothing store through Instagram is very interesting, and we will explain why:


  • Its growth is impressive, Strategies to sell on Instagram.


Just to give you an idea, this social has twice as many users as it did two years ago. Therefore, it has more than 500 million users on the platform.


So, just because of this information, it is already a social media that cannot go unnoticed by your store.


  • It will give more engagement to your brand


9 strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store | BluCactus UKHaving followers without taking any action is like not having them. Therefore, if you are looking to grow your store, the most important thing is that users feel interested in interacting with your content.


If you compare your engagement rate on different socials, you´ll notice that on Instagram, people are more engaged with brands. Very different from what happens on Facebook or Twitter. As a result, you will have considerable growth in your community.


  • It helps humanise your brand


The photos, videos, and other tools available on Instagram allow you to showcase the clothes you sell more interestingly. Consumers tend to empathies with brands that they see as more real.


So, you can take pictures of your workplace, your team members, and even your work tools.


What is the best Instagram strategy for clothing stores?


Do you want to sell with your online clothing store on Instagram? Get ready to take note of the best strategies to sell on Instagram that you can apply on this social network:


9 strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store | BluCactus UK

1. Show all your clothing.


To sell, you have to show. However, although we all know how to take a photo to publicize your products on Instagram, the photography style should be different.


If you want your clothes to stand out from the competition, take photos while you or someone else is wearing them.


Also, Google can become your ally. Because you can search for image ideas to test and make them look as good as possible.


Ideally, you can take such striking photos that they become attractive to your target audience.


2. Tell a story with each piece of clothing, Strategies to sell on Instagram.


9 strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store | BluCactus UKThis point is accompanied by the first. Aside from displaying your photos showing what the clothes you have for sale look like, you can add a story to draw even more attention.


If you’ve noticed, most online clothing stores display their products on Instagram on a white background.


Either alone or on a model. So instead of doing the same thing, be more creative in capturing your photos. For example, taking pictures of a model walking around town or on the beach will make all the difference. The photos will also depend on the type of clothing you sell.


Ideally, your buyer persona should feel familiar with the photos you use to establish an emotional bond.


3. Do not leave out the use of hashtags.


Hashtags are used to tag the photos we upload, accompanied by a hash (#).


Using this tool is very useful for people to find your content more easily. This translates into a greater number of followers and future customers. Now, to use hashtags without failing, it is essential to take into account the following points:


  • Investigate which are the most used hashtags by the competition. Thus, you will have more opportunities to reach your audience.
  • Use between 5 to 10 hashtags. Since visually, it is not very striking to see a couple of comments and lines full of these tags.
  • Add hashtags consistent with your brand so that they can appear as the first message.


The good news is that there are tools where you can find the most popular hashtags for your topic.


4. Make the buying process easy, Strategies to sell on Instagram.


9 strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store | BluCactus UKOn Instagram, you can only add a link to your website. This can make it difficult for the wearer to get to your clothes for sale quickly. However, there are tools you can use to avoid making the situation more cumbersome:


    • Liketoknowit


This app is ideal for bloggers who want to sell through their online clothing store on Instagram. Once the user registers to this app, they can like the photo of their preference. And they will receive an email to be able to buy the piece of clothing.


    • Soldsie


This tool is also very interesting for selling any product through Instagram. In this app, the user must leave the word “sold” and their email in a comment. Then, they will receive a message to complete the purchase process.



    • Like2Buy


Through this application, you can create a landing page to add all your products so that users can access them from the link in your bio. In this way, they can buy everything they want without inconvenience. Note: the easier it is for the user to buy, the more opportunities are for each click to be a sale.


5. Include giveaways and promotions, Strategies to sell on Instagram.


This is one of the best Instagram sales strategies you can carry out. To gain more followers by giving your clothing store more visibility.


However, creating a giveaway or a promotion is not just doing it, and that’s it. There are some steps you must take into account to take advantage of it:


  • Make it clear what the prize will be.
  • Create a unique yet simple hashtag to identify your brand.
  • Explain the rules clearly and concisely. Also, you can ask your followers to upload photos of the product with the hashtag you have created.
  • When you have the winner, do not forget to make a post congratulating and mentioning the user.


This is a great idea since most users like giveaways, they are trendy.


6. By having a physical store, geolocate your photos with it


If you have a physical store and an online clothing store, you have to make this point clear to your users. Many people do not trust online shopping, and it is easier for them to buy a product by going directly to the store.


When uploading the photo, you only have to add the location. And it will be even better if you include photos showing the premises or the place of work.


7. Use photographs of your products taken by your followers.


The rules of the game have changed when selling online. You must apply other strategies for Instagram. Also, although a purchase can be made quickly, the user is guided by the comments left by others on the Internet.


So, once the user can see the experience of others, they can feel confident in getting to the purchase process. Many e-commerce sites have included a star rating and feedback system.


We recommend that you encourage customers to upload a photo with a comment related to your products with special promotions or discounts.


Similarly, another strategy that can work is to add pictures of your clients to the clients’ own cards.



8. Sell with advertising, Strategies to sell on Instagram.


There are more than 1 million advertisers on Instagram. And it´s because a young audience lives on this social media and becomes familiar with this type of advertising.


Therefore, Instagram ads are a great help in supporting the sales of your online clothing store.


They are also ads that lead to Facebook ads, making it easy to target people in your niche.


However, you must be aware that Instagram ads can take different forms. First of all, there are the photos, stories, carousels and videos, very efficient elements to explain in detail the product of your offer. Second, there are the CTAs or “calls to action” to convince the user to make a purchase.


9. Contact influencers, Strategies to sell on Instagram.


This is one of the most used strategies to sell clothes on Instagram today.


You can be your influencer yourself, or better yet, you can hire an agency. In most cases, paying your influencers is done through financial compensation, a trip, free products, or other actions.


In addition to gaining marketing clout with collaborations, you can add other options like a promo code. This is a trendy way to make sales on Instagram.


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As you can see, more than a social network, Instagram can become the best communication channel to sell from your online clothing store.


Likewise, if you don’t have time to manage your Instagram profile, BluCactus has the marketing professionals you need to improve your presence on this social network.


We will create the best strategies to sell on Instagram with your online clothing store, you just have to contact us, and we will assist you with much.


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