How Social Media Outreach Can Benefit Restaurants. When new businesses within the food industry finally open their doors, they will likely snowball into success. Food is always trending, especially when it’s served in a modern and novel place, and what better way to promote your restaurant than on social media?


Many new restaurant owners, such as yourself, must all come to a marketing strategy at some point, and you might be questioning how the digital world can help you. With multiple platforms to choose from and various tools to use, social media can offer more than meets the eye. Although, it is essential to note that the benefits are not reaped overnight. It still requires you to put in your share of the work. However, social media outreach can indeed benefit restaurants. 


Social Media Outreach Benefits Restaurants by Increasing Revenue


BluCactus - How Social Media Outreach Can Benefit Restaurants - Community managerIncreased revenue may be the most desired benefit from social media outreach. Every responsible restaurant owner wants to see consistent growth, and growth often pertains to climbing numbers.


While using social media will not grant you individual checks or deposits, it does increase the reliable source that does allow you a profit. Your customers are what drive any revenue, to begin with. The more customers served, the more income gained. 


Social media outreach is your lifeline that won’t leave anytime soon. It brings all eyes and ears to your business. It can create an audience that wants and is willing to put your business to the test. In short, social media drives curiosity and attention. At a minimum, it can operate as free publicity, should you be diligent in using it. Interest, awareness, and promotion lead to a possible influx in customer traffic, ultimately increasing your business’ revenue. 


What Can Make My Restaurant Stand Out? 


BluCactus - How Social Media Outreach Can Benefit Restaurants - Community managerHow Social Media Outreach Can Benefit Restaurants. In our current day and age, where there are multiple restaurant options to choose from, it’s great to think about what strategies can make your restaurant stand out against the others.


While you need your restaurant to appeal to the public, other dining establishments will attempt to ensure the same quality. You are not seeking only to attract customers but to persuade them to choose your restaurant over another.


This requires your business to be trendy yet authentic, a novelty in your local community. What can you offer that other restaurants can’t? This can pertain to the experience, cuisine, staff, events, or location.


Adjusting minor details within your establishment can produce significant effects. 


Social Media Outreach Benefits Restaurants by Improving Customer Connections 


BluCactus - Instagram is all about visuals - Community managerIn addition to increasing revenue, social media outreach can benefit your restaurant by improving customer connections. While we can assume that your restaurant’s growth will remain consistent, other factors can contribute to its stability.


Maintaining your customer base is essential for your business, and social media outreach can assist you with this. 


After the in-person dining experience, connecting with your customers can only go so far. Most, if not all, patrons are only able to have interactions with a host, server, or bartender.


As for connecting with the restaurant itself, the values, passion, and story behind it, social media can allow you to continue or even begin that engagement long after they’ve left. Improving your customer connection will lead to loyalty, more visits, and a better reputation. 


How Has Social Media Changed the Food Industry? 


BluCactus - Instagram is all about visuals - Community managerSince the rise of social media, many industries have been positively affected, and many businesses have been able to prosper exceptionally quickly.


Social media has easily given multiple food companies a voice through its platforms. It has channelled attention to businesses that had previously only been recognised locally. It has allowed restaurants, cafes, diners, kiosks, food trucks, and more to expand its audience and customer base.


Social media has also changed the food industry through means of advertisement. Many social media platforms sell digital advertisements or even allow businesses to establish paid partnerships. It has jump-started the food industry by making it more practical and feasible as it has opened many new opportunities within the field of food. It’s helped reassure business owners that their start-up was a reasonable decision. 


Social Media Outreach Benefits Restaurants by Maximizing Popularity 


BluCactus - Instagram is all about visuals - Community managerHow Social Media Outreach Can Benefit Restaurants. Without the internet, many people, places, and things might not be as well-known as they are today.


Social media has brought recognition to many businesses, both old and new.


Like a digital newspaper, social media highlights the latest and greatest news deserving a spotlight. However, social media requires effort on your part to help it along. Social media attracts future and current customers who can pass your information along. 


The further you diligently employ social media, the further it can perform to your advantage. In the least, it will still encourage curiosity in viewers and followers, which could eventually pique an interest later on. 


How Can My Restaurant Use Instagram for Business? 


BluCactus - Instagram is all about visuals - Community managerInstagram is a great social media platform for businesses, especially restaurants. Each user offers many tools and options which would benefit any business account. Instagram is all about visuals.


People use Instagram to give their friends and followers insight into their lives through the pictures they post. They also use Instagram stories to showcase what’s happening in their daily life. Different filters and types of stories can also be used to make sharing fun. 


When brainstorming ideas for how to use Instagram for business, imagine your restaurant as a person. You’d want to see what’s new with them and how they’re doing, and you might even hope they check in with their followers. Convert this strategy to your social media. Share any restaurant updates, show your audience what your restaurant specialises in, and ask your followers and customers what they’d like to see next. Any of these options are essentially promoting your business. 


Are You Looking for More Strategies that can Benefit Your Restaurant? 


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkWe understand the hustle and bustle of managing a restaurant. There are often too many tasks on your daily agenda, and you have no idea how you’ll be able to finish them all.


The marketing ideas and plans may resort to an after-hours responsibility that you dread getting to. Let us help you with all your marketing needs.


Whether it’s general knowledge, navigation assistance, or executing strategies, we’ll be here for you every step of the way. We would love nothing more than to see your restaurant thrive! Click on the link below to kick-start the next steps with us. This would be a short, casual conversation to see if we’d be a good fit. 


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3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales. Available for delivery has always been an excellent option for customers. First originating and most popular amongst pizza chains, delivery service has always been a crowd pleaser. In today’s age, where technology continues to advance rapidly, delivery services have become highly successful. Pairing the digital world with delivery has become the perfect duo, and many restaurants have decided to incorporate it. 


While delivery platforms have profited enormously from their services, participating restaurants can also increase their revenue by simply adding it as an option for customers. 


Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales by Being Convenient


BluCactus - 3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales - bagHungry, picky, and busy people want convenience regarding food.


Delivery platforms allow users to place an order easily and receive the delivery quickly. For those who do not wish to place an order on the phone or drive to the restaurant to pick up their food, delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub, have become their best friend.


The Restaurants that know their audience will want to leverage these companies.


The more convenient your restaurant is, the more customers you’ll reach. The more customers you attract, the more your sales will increase. Convenience is a powerfully persuasive factor. Many people would instead opt to pay more, even double, just so their lives and schedule can be accommodated as needed. 


How Can I Attract Customers to Choosing Online Food Delivery? 


BluCactus - 3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales - Woman deliveryAdvertising your delivery options does not just start and stop online. You can publicise your restaurant’s participation with food delivery platforms in the restaurant itself.


People will not automatically know that your establishment offers delivery options through apps.


For those customers, you will have to make sure they find out through their in-person dining experience.


You can spread this info through word of mouth from the staff, highlights on menus or receipts, QR code stickers, posters along the restaurant doors, and more. The more your options are displayed, the more they can be chosen. 


Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales by Raising Awareness


BluCactus - 3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales - Woman deliveryIn addition to being convenient, delivery platforms can boost restaurant sales by drastically increasing awareness. Many people look to food order and delivery apps even if they aren’t going to place an order.


These platforms provide a long list of local restaurants, each with its unique and extensive menu, all in one place. This allows easy navigation for the customer and great advertisement for your restaurant


As users scroll through multiple eateries, it’s not uncommon for them to stop and study their menus. Having your restaurant displayed amongst the others can pique anyone’s interest.


Especially if your establishment has not gotten much attention, this is how you can raise awareness. Even if users don’t decide to order from you, having that spotlight can motivate someone to visit in the near future. 


How Do I Increase My Uber Eats Sales? 


BluCactus - navigate the ongoing changes - Woman deliveryUber Eats is one of the most profitable food ordering and delivery platforms. Like its competitors, it offers users a wide range of local restaurant choices.


If you want more customers to order from your restaurant through Uber Eats, you should ensure that as many, if not all, menu items are available.


Restaurants with the most available entrees and sides can be the most profitable as they’ll keep a viewer’s interest much longer, and the users are more likely to find something that can satisfy their cravings. Sales can also increase if a participating restaurant allows the option for substitutes, add-ons, or specific preferences. Many users are more likely to order from your eaterie if they can customise their order how they would if they were in-person. 



Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales by Advertising Promotions


BluCactus - navigate the ongoing changes - Man deliveryFood delivery platforms can boost restaurant sales through advertising promotions and being convenient, and raising awareness.


Everyone loves a great discount, especially if it concerns food, and even more so if it involves the food coming straight to your door! Offering seasonal or monthly promotions can automatically motivate users to choose your restaurant as their next dinner choice. 


Many eateries decide to offer free delivery or a percentage off their total if their order reaches a minimum amount. Some can even provide a no-strings-attached discount for simply choosing to buy from them.


While customers enjoy discounted dinners, they can often choose to buy more items when noticing an offer promotion. The more items purchased, the more customers attracted, resulting in more sales. 


What Makes a Great Food Delivery Experience? 


BluCactus - navigate the ongoing changes - deliveryWhile choosing to utilise food delivery platforms as part of your restaurant’s business, once the delivery drivers pick up the food from your establishment, the delivery experience is out of your hands. You can only ensure that you meet customers’ needs concerning the food they’ve ordered.


Detail orientation is vital when receiving a delivery order. Some orders may involve alterations or extras, add-ons, or preferences. Your teams must confirm successful and efficient completion of the order before pick-up.


While customers can become frustrated with delivery ETAs, it’s not your restaurant that will be under scrutiny. However, if a side of fries is missing or requested sauces are left out, it creates an unsuccessful experience with your establishment



Looking for More Ways to Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales? 


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkYou may be a rookie in the food industry, or you might even be a veteran. Either way, you’re always looking for new ways to increase or stabilize your business’ revenue.


Your restaurant’s profits rely on you to navigate the ongoing changes in the digital marketing world, which can be intimidating.


It’s stressful to steer through these challenges on your own, and that’s why we’re on your side. We want to help your restaurant reach its goals and experience growth. Let us be your guide to success! See the link below for a complimentary session. It’s just a short, casual conversation to see if we’d be a good fit. 


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Why Foodies Need Restaurants Thriving on Social Media. Foodies not only feed into various cuisines, brilliant bites, and dishes full of flavour but also what’s worth the hype on social media. Foodies expand their experience by risking their luck on the next dining venture. They don’t waste time hoping for the best because they expect the best. Foodies always do their research, and they’re increasingly diligent at screening each restaurant’s individual social media to see if it meets their standards. Foodies need restaurants thriving on social media because it’s the only way to find the next great spot, but what determines that choice? 


Foodies Look for the Best Reviews


BluCactus - Why Foodies Need Restaurants Thriving on Social Media - buy food onlineWhile they may not technically be a formal food critic, foodies’ social media presence can be one that a restaurant should fear. They scour the digital lands in hopes that they stumble upon their next great find, but they have specific criteria in mind for their search. Foodies constantly look for what has the best review and what ranks supreme online. Social media helps them understand what is and isn’t popular and what has already stood the test of time and passed with flying colours. 


Reviews have the power to directly inform the foodie on whether or not a restaurant is a green light. Apart from simply giving a thumbs up or thumbs down, reviews can also educate a potential patron on the specifics that a restaurant offers or does not offer. They can discuss staff, food, environment, and the overall experience.


While reviews can often solely rely on the in-person restaurant experience, the better the reviews, the better presence the establishment has online. Reviews are a crucial factor for restaurants to thrive on social media. 


How Does Social Media Impact My Restaurant? 


BluCactus - Online engagement - CellphoneSocial media can impact your restaurant in many ways, both positively and negatively, depending on how you use it. Social media can boost sales while attracting new customers.


It can also attract fresh recognition that can place you on top compared to other restaurants in your area and those with similar styles and cuisine.


Social media is also where many celebrities and influencers can brag about their dining experiences. If yours is one they’ve tried, you can cross your fingers that they’ll promote your restaurant online.


Suppose you don’t want to press your luck. In that case, you can always negotiate a brand deal or paid advertisement should your restaurant’s online presence take off! 


Foodies Scout for Creative Content


BluCactus - Online engagement - Food on social mediaBesides looking for the best reviews, foodies need restaurants thriving on social media because they keep their eyes out for creative content. The content on a restaurant’s social media page is what can ultimately set them apart from its competitors.


It can also increase its popularity because of its flourishing digital presence. The more creative the content, the more traffic a restaurant will drive and the foodies it will attract. 


Keep in mind that foodies are hunting for the next best dining experience. A restaurant’s online content must be innovative and full of wows to peak their interest. At the same time, original content can be created in many ways, including research and ongoing trends. Although trends are the current hot commodities and other restaurants may be using them too, be sure to add your spin on it. Keep it refreshing and creative by incorporating your brand’s personality and identity. A restaurant needs its social media presence to shine. 


What is the Best Marketing Strategy For My Restaurant? Restaurants Thriving on Social Media.


Now is the time to take advantage of social media and the world of digital marketing. The success of digital media has continued to grow year after year. Brands no longer need to be advertised in magazines, newspaper articles, or any hard copy route. Most, if not all, businesses have taken to the digital sphere and have adapted well. The best marketing strategy for your restaurant is to make the most of your online presence. Promoting your business on social media will instantly reach and create an audience that will grow your restaurant over time.  


Foodies Need to See Consistent Engagement, Restaurants Thriving on Social Media.


BluCactus - Online engagement - buy food onlineFoodies also need restaurants thriving on social media because they always look for brands that consistently engage with their audience. Although creative content and great reviews are equally important, engagement is a critical element that encourages foodies to approve your establishment. Engagement displays a sense of care and passion for a restaurant’s customers and industry. Suppose a restaurant’s social media presence involves constant and initiated connection. In that case, it shows that they are going the extra mile. 


Consistent engagement does not have to be a digital interaction with every individual follower. It can be as little as responding to comments, asking for feedback, or offering a live Q&A. It implies that customers are valued for their thoughts and feelings, which can often turn many foodies’ frowns upside down. Online engagement has the power to inform a foodie of just what kind of establishment your restaurant is. Oddly, if a restaurant bothers enough to consider what the customer says, they’re thriving for a reason. 


How Can I Make My Restaurant Busier? Restaurants Thriving on Social Media. 


A busy restaurant implies two things: popularity and attention. To make your restaurant more alive than usual, you will need to allure your audience and generate outreach beyond your scope of comfortability. Meeting these components requires you to market differently. You need to fascinate your customers while encouraging new ones. Host events at your restaurant, create a speciality menu for weekend days, invite local musicians to play during evening hours, and offer catering or discounts. You can take many routes to maximise the business in your restaurant. Leap and be bold! 


Wondering What Else Can Make Your Restaurant Foodie-Approved? 


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkAs a restaurant owners, we understand you’ve got your hands full. From supervising an entire staff, serving great food, and providing memorable experiences, you can only stretch yourself so far.


You want to branch out of your comfort zone and explore digital marketing for your business, but wearing multiple hats takes time away from you and only adds to your stress.


Please don’t waste any time worrying because we’re here to assist! Click on the link below to schedule a session with us.


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Why Virtual Engagement Matters to Restaurant Customers. As a thriving restaurant owner, getting distracted by the many other elements involved with maintaining your establishment is easy. Sales, staff supervision, website upkeep, finances, and more all contribute to what might be on your daily plate. Although your business is doing great, you only want it to continue doing well or even progress further, and the way to make that happen is consistent marketing. You may already think you’ve nailed the marketing side of things. You have a great customer base you’ve created all on your own, and there’s nothing much you can do next. Ah, but there is. 


Virtual engagement is one marketing strategy many business owners often forget about or don’t use as often as they should. Virtual engagement attracts new customers and can help keep the ones you have. Increasing your customer retention rate can save you from future revenue decreases, as connecting with your audience online really matters to the customers themselves. 


Virtual Engagement Matters Because it Shows You Care 


BluCactus - Why Virtual Engagement Matters to Restaurant Customers - Happy woman working onlineCustomers are more likely to remain loyal to a restaurant that cares about them than one that couldn’t care less. Virtual engagement portrays the values behind the brand and displays a sense of thoughtfulness and consideration to its patrons. This can have lasting positive effects on your business.


Customers enjoy being cared for both during and after their dining experience. Responding to social media comments, emails, or even submitted feedback shows the customer that you care about them and what they think of you and that you care about the success of your own business.


Being attentive to customer needs, opinions, and questions is being smart about your business’s future. 



What are the Benefits of Customer Engagement? 


BluCactus - Why Virtual Engagement Matters to Restaurant Customers - Happy woman with her cellphoneWhile we are currently discussing the benefits of virtual engagement that the customer receives, let’s examine how it benefits you and your restaurant.


Customer engagement allows a stable connection to be made between patrons and brands. Customer connection is a valuable strategy as it encourages customers to consider your business regularly.


The more they hear from you and see your online content, the more they want to visit you. While virtual engagement can benefit your restaurant in several ways, we understand that, as a business owner, the overall goal of any marketing strategy is to increase revenue. Customer engagement will not only drive customers back to you, but it can bring them back more consistently, which provides more money in your pocket. 



  • Virtual Engagement Matters Because it Gives Customers a Voice 


BluCactus - Why Virtual Engagement Matters to Restaurant Customers - Social mediaVirtual Engagement Matters to Restaurant. When people think of virtual engagement, they might assume it involves businesses responding to angry or happy customers online, sending out emails, promoting their products, or posting brand incentives. Many are more than likely to presume that virtual engagement is a one-way street, where it’s just the business itself doing all the talking, and the customer, follower, or viewer is left only to listen. This is one of the most significant marketing myths. A business that does not encourage customers to begin the conversation is missing out on a successful marketing strategy. 


Customers like to be heard. They want to take charge, call the shots, and, at times, demand change. Virtual engagement can allow you to give customers a voice, let them do the talking, and advocate for what they want. This kind of engagement can be best observed on social media platforms, as you can conduct surveys and even introduce Q&A chats. Allowing the customer to ask questions, discuss their experience, and decide what they’d like to see next will benefit you and them. 


  • How do you Increase Virtual Engagement? 


BluCactus - the power to request a second chance - SmartphoneTo increase virtual engagement between your business and its targeted audience, you must create and publish content that requires a response. You do not want to initiate a one-way connection; instead, you’ll need to priorities participation from both parties.


Engagement that only encompasses involvement from the restaurant’s side can be seen through promotion emails, new-product advertisements, and standard social media posts.


You will want to ask for feedback on your content to increase engagement between yourself and the customer. Providing an incentive for submitting honest reviews or taking a survey can also establish a dual engagement. You’ve successfully boosted your virtual engagement if it can spark a conversation. 


  • Virtual Engagement Matters Because it Shows Customers that They Matter


BluCactus - the power to request a second chance - Taking a pictureVirtual Engagement Matters to Restaurant. While virtual engagement is vital to customers because it shows them that you care and gives them a long-awaited voice, it also shows customers that they matter.


Without patrons buying your products and partaking in your services, your restaurant would cease to exist. Connecting with your audience online allows them to understand what they mean to you.


It shows that you’re grateful for them. Their loyalty grants your business to prosper, and success can only flourish with their help. The more you actively engage with your customers, the more they will feel cherished, and the more they will connect with you, which leads to their continued interest in your restaurant. 



  • What is an Example of Customer Engagement? 


BluCactus - the power to request a second chance - Beautiful FoodVirtual Engagement Matters to Restaurant. We can often observe an example of customer engagement through review submissions.


Social media platforms, such as Yelp, allow the customer to submit their critique of any dining experience, company, or organization itself.


Once a review is published under the company’s profile, that company has the chance to reach back out and respond. Whether it’s in response to negative or positive feedback, that interaction counts as customer engagement.


That is the time to exasperate all efforts to sell, promote, or defend your business. That connection gives the power to request a second chance, express gratitude, or ask questions in return. Any company should always try to make the most of any customer interaction, in-person or online. 


Are You Curious About How You Can Further Increase Virtual Engagement with Your Customers? 


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkIn your busy industry, remaining proactive online has been more challenging than you thought.


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How Restaurants Should Virtually Connect with their Customers. After dessert is served, the bill is paid, and the table is empty, you feel anxious that your restaurant may not have impressed your customers. Sure, they didn’t complain or ask for a manager. They said the food was excellent and left with a smile, but how do you know what they thought about your establishment? The truth is, you don’t know and won’t know unless you connect with them long after they have left. How can you do that? We’re happy to tell you!


Help from Yelp


BluCactus - How Restaurants Should Virtually Connect with their Customers - Happy manWhen it comes to virtually connecting with your restaurant’s customers, it’s crucial that you first know what they think of your establishment. They may have left calm, cool, and collected, but perhaps they don’t want to seem troublesome, cranky, or picky. As unbelievable as it may seem, some people choose to keep their opinions to themselves, at least until they’re behind a screen. It would be best if you began your virtual connection by understanding your customers’ experience, and the best way businesses can do this is through Yelp. 


Yelp is an online platform that can be used to search, read about, or submit reviews for businesses. It can be highly beneficial to the company and the consumer, allowing patrons to publish critiques of the establishment they bought from. Yelp is extremely helpful to restaurant owners because they can finally understand how their customers feel about their experience. Whether it is a negative or positive rating, businesses can respond to the criticism by offering a solution, asking for a second chance, or extending an invitation. This virtual connection is vital to understanding your business’ success, or lack thereof. 


How Should My Restaurant Staff Engage with Guests? Restaurants.


BluCactus - How Restaurants Should Virtually Connect with their Customers - InstagramYou should already have the apparent strategies put into practice. Kind and courteous, friendly and patient, and the list goes on.


However, these are already anticipated characteristics. Your guests expect immaculate service, so how can your restaurant memorably engage with its customers?


The secret is to treat them as if they are already your best friends. While maintaining professionalism, converse with customers comfortably and entertain them with your conversation.


Ask subtle questions about themselves that make them feel cared for. These small snippets of small talk can go a long way!



Endless Apps, Restaurants.


BluCactus - How Restaurants Should Virtually Connect with their Customers - Happy womanWe’re not precisely implying the first course of ceaseless starters here but think of it as the many possibilities to start your connection with customers! Social media offers many routes you can take to engage with your guests.


Various platforms allow you to present updates, images, and events to current and future followers, which can further your connection with your patrons.


It’s essential to consider platforms that allow personal engagement, such as responding to comments or providing a survey. You might choose which media to use based on your restaurant’s customer demographics.


If your guests range in their mid-twenties, you may wish to stick with what’s current, such as Instagram. Being in touch with who your customers are will make all the difference. 


How Can I Improve my Restaurant’s Facebook Page? Restaurants.


BluCactus - How Restaurants Should Virtually Connect with their Customers - Happy woman|Facebook, like many other platforms, can be where your customers turn for information about your restaurant.


Your restaurant’s Facebook page can be what encourages a new or repeated visit to your establishment. You must keep your page up to date. It should accurately display your restaurant’s current data, such as location and schedule.


Add in other helpful info, such as a happy-hour schedule, acceptable forms of payment, and whether or not your menu accommodates vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free diets. You want to ensure that any social media page for your business presents a wow factor. Your page should thoroughly inform and equally convince anyone and everyone



Inbox Invites


Restaurants. Email is as prominent as it was when it first began. It allows businesses to connect with their customers days, weeks, months, and even years after they first dined at your restaurant.


Your business emails should not be spamming your customers every day. Make each email count. Make them invite, helpful, and persuasive.


You will not want to send emails your patrons don’t want to open. Many excellent email marketing strategies can be taken to boost your connection with customers further.


Offer discount rewards, showcase your newest appetiser or entrée, and advertise the perks of your happy hour. Encourage email sign-up before your guests leave. It’s a clever way to stay connected without formally reaching out.


What is a Customer Outreach Strategy I can use for My Restaurant? 


BluCactus - How Restaurants Should Virtually Connect with their Customers - Happy womanRestaurants. Any customer outreach strategy should encompass flexibility and your willingness to meet the needs of the customer.


While many virtual strategies have been proven successful, your restaurant’s outreach can begin at


the restaurant itself. These ideas can often stack upon each other, leading from one to the next in an attempt to reach an ultimate goal. Advertising your restaurant’s socials both inside and outside your restaurant will be sure to, at the very least, pique a passerby’s interest. While many of your social media followers will be current customers, paid advertisements often reel in new ones.


Outreach strategies can come in all shapes and sizes. 


Are you in need of some help to connect with your restaurant’s customers virtually? 


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkConnecting with your customers outside your business is not always black and white. There are many routes and strategies to consider, as each restaurant’s pool of customers is different.


You don’t want to overthink the steps you take, and you want to see successful results! We understand the frustration you may be feeling, and that’s why we’re here to help you along the way.


If you decide you need our assistance for virtually connecting with your customers, we would like to offer you a free consultation with us! It’s just a short, casual conversation to see if we’d be a good fit.


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5 Social Media Tips to Keep Restaurant Customers Coming Back in the UK. As a newly established restaurant owner, you’ve done all the right things. Your restaurant has satisfied many new customers since your business’ social media journey began, and now you’re asking yourself, “What’s Next?” You’ve reached a large audience and established a solid foundation for your customer base, but how do you further your success? How can you encourage your customers to return, become consistent, and even advocate for your business long after they’ve left? You’ve guessed it: social media.


It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the thought of losing the patrons you’ve just gained. You worked hard to leave a lasting impression, but you’re worried it’s not enough. We’re here to comfort that thought and give you some social media tips that will leave you motivated and assured that, most importantly, keep your customers coming back! 


1. Promote Events.


BluCactus - 5 Social Media Tips to Keep Restaurant Customers in the UK - Use a cellphoneYour restaurant’s social media should be the news channel for your business. It’s where you will want to inform, share, connect, and offer.


A successful business owner like yourself will strive to continually update your existing customers with the latest and greatest news.


If your restaurant hosts live music, a monthly special, or even happy hour, those events are sure to pique their interest and persuade them to stop by. Promoting events should not just be a simple text posted to an Instagram story.


Think of seeing a poster on your mailbox for your neighborhood’s annual summer barbecue. Chances are it’s colorful and captivating, with images portraying what kind of event is advertised. This is how you will want to promote your restaurant’s events.


Why are Repeat Customers Important to My Restaurant?


Your restaurant’s returning customers can be a sizable percentage of your revenue. They must continue to repeat their dining experience as it will only add to your growing income, or at the least, keep your revenue steady. Your regulars are also a great source of word-of-mouth advertisement, which is why you want them to remain happy with your establishment. Repeat Customers are also great for how others perceive your restaurant as they might see your staff interact with patrons who are seemingly not as new. 


2. Offer Digital Deals.


BluCactus - 5 Social Media Tips to Keep Restaurant Customers in the UK - Man with a cellphoneCustomers love nothing more than the thought of a great discount. It is almost always a shoo-in for returning customers as it encourages them to choose your restaurant over the others they may be considering. The day of cut-out paper coupons is gone, and technology has replaced them with a digital version.


While we love the idea of an electronic bar code, you will not need that exact form. However, the concept should be the same.


You will want to create a simple post that offers existing social media followers a discount to use during their next dining experience. It should read, “We would love for you to come by and try our specialty of the month! Make sure you’re following @YourRestaurantName before showing this post to your waiter and receive 25% off any dinner entrée!” People love food, and they also love a terrific sale.


Put them together, and you’ve got returning customers!


Should My Restaurant Recommend New Items to Regular Customers?


Recommending new items to regular customers is entirely acceptable, even encouraged. The more items your regulars enjoy, the more frequently they return! There might even be one super special dish that insists they be a returning customer for life. We know you might be thinking about the what-ifs. What if they don’t like what you recommend? What if it ruins their experience? It won’t sabotage what they think of your restaurant if they are already a regular customer. If anything, they will appreciate the outreach and suggestion, as it shows you and the staff are passionate about your work. 


3. Ask for Feedback, Social Media Tips.


BluCactus - 5 Social Media Tips to Keep Restaurant Customers in the UK - Use an emojiPatrons of an establishment indulge in the chance to voice their opinion, and what better platform to give them than social media? You can use various ways to facilitate this on your social media accounts. However, two of the best choices are Q&As and surveys. While your overall goal as a restaurant owner is to convince customers to return, if you can receive great feedback in the process, then it’s a win-win! Instagram would be the ideal platform to conduct both Q&As and surveys, as it is a quick and easy process that hardly takes much time to create.


Surveys, or polls, allow the customer to rate their experiences with your restaurant and rank specific aspects that you list in the poll. You can view the results after it has been posted on your restaurant’s story for 24 hours. A Q&A is when you allow the customers or followers to ask questions about your business. This tool is also routed through the account’s story, and as each question is submitted, you will, in turn, be able to answer them.


These two strategies create a connection between both your brand and the consumer. If, at the very least, it will show them that you care about what they think. You, of course, want to be the very best for them. Turning your survey or Q&A into a raffle could also win you extra brownie points! 


Should My Restaurant Keep Track of Returning Customers? 


Keeping track of your existing pool of patrons is smart and also rewarding. It allows you to understand which customers contribute the most to your business and show them you appreciate their support. You want your #1 fans to feel recognized and valued for their loyalty. Additionally, having accurate and detailed stats on your restaurant’s consumers will let you understand the benefits and disadvantages of your business’s success. It’s never a bad idea to keep track of returning customers. 


4. Be Trendy, Social Media Tips.


BluCactus - Making customers feel special - Woman with her cellphoneSocial media trends can be much more critical for your restaurant than you might think. Trends are ultimately what the public focuses on, gravitates toward, and is interested in.


Each social media platform has its own trends, whether a filter, stickers, or emojis. An example of this can be the different sounds used on TikTok.


TikTok is a platform that allows users to share videos and add various sounds to those videos. Depending on the content of a video, a specific sound can be trending, which implies it is popular, thoroughly used, and what other users want to see more of.


Keeping up with social media trends allows you to be relatable to your current audience and groups that you may not have connected with yet. 


How Do You Drive Your Restaurant’s Repeat Customers?


Customers are primarily motivated to return to a restaurant by seeing how it will benefit them. Apart from the social media strategies, they will also be influenced by the dining experience that your restaurant provides. The needs of your customers must be met during their time in your establishment, otherwise, no amount of social media outreach will convince them to come back. Repeat customers are driven by their first impression. If the first impression is unsuccessful, it’s improbable they will even give your social media a chance. 


5. Consider Endorsements, Social Media Tips.


BluCactus - Making customers feel special - Order food online While loyal patrons enjoy being updated, getting discounts, offering their thoughts, and seeing you keep up with the latest trends, they also become incredibly interested in what those who are in the spotlight are also interested in.


We’re talking about the power of influence, and don’t worry! You don’t have to think too big here. We’re not insinuating a brand deal with the most significant celebrities. Think of someone relevant within your industry. Inviting social media influencers to dine at your restaurant is the ultimate marketing goldmine.


It increases the number of new customers and reassures your current ones that they’re at the right place. It is an instant popularity booster that people will find hard to forget. If you’re thinking about finances, we have got your back.


There’s no need to rush into any paid advertisements. The first step can be as simple as reaching out to as many influencers as possible and inviting them to dine at your restaurant. You may get an endorsement, but you might not, but in the least, you’ve made a solid connection within your industry. 


How Can I Make My Restaurant Customers Feel Special? 


BluCactus - Making customers feel special - Orange juiceRestaurant customers appreciate it when an establishment, such as yours, makes them feel special. Making them feel so important does not just benefit them but also you.


The better the customers feel, the better your ratings and the more revenue received! Making customers feel special should not be overthought. It’s easy and doable with any customer, no matter how picky they might be. It simply requires you to go the extra mile.


Be courteous, friendly, and direct. Taking the initiative goes a long way. Please don’t allow them to reach the point where they need to ask for something. Offering options throughout the dining experience influences their outlook on you and your business.


Make it a point to recognize regulars, compliment your guests, and treat them how you wish you were treated at a restaurant


Would You Like Help in Keeping Your Restaurant Customers Coming Back? 


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkSocial media can be a tricky playing field, and you might even be doubting your abilities.


We’ve been there and know that you only want the best for your business. With technology continually evolving, it can be tough to navigate your chosen platforms exactly as you would like.


That’s why we are here to help. We can provide you with all the support you’ll need to successfully overcome the fears of social media.


If you’d like us to assist you further with using social media to keep your restaurant’s customers returning, see below to access a free consultation with us! It’s just a short, casual conversation, to see if we’d be a good fit. 


I’d like to access my free consultation!

Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue in the UK. For smart business owners, entrepreneurs, and even the consumer, social media is no longer a suggestion but rather a necessity. As popular and innovative as ever, social media usage is seemingly necessary for everyday life while it can help inform, promote, or simply share. It is a marketing foundation in the world we live in today, as any industry can employ social media to its own benefit. Although many topics and subjects exist in the land of digital harmony, each may not be as quick to take the spotlight as the love for food.


As a business owner yourself, we are sure you’re aware of these facts, but it’s easier to understand the need than to know how you can use it to your own advantage. You’re in luck! We’re here to help by giving you 5v simple and effective social media strategies to increase your restaurant’s revenue! 


How Can Social Media Increase Revenue for my Restaurant? 


BluCactus - Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue - Man working with her cellphoneWhen observing social media through a business lens, you must understand that social media and marketing can be used synonymously.


Both go hand in hand and are essentially used for the same reasons. Your marketing ploy is social media, while social media is your marketing ploy.


Like any marketing campaign, social media is used to advertise a product or business creatively and effectively.


By broadcasting your brand out into the world, you’re saying, “Hey, look at me over here!” This widens your audience, attracting new customers, and causing more sales and revenue increase


  • Be Accessible, Increase Restaurant Revenue.


BluCactus - Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue - Man with a laptopOutreach is an important component of social media. Finally, placing your brand out into the digital world may seem intimidating at first, as your worries might only wander to the possibility of scrutiny.


However, you must acknowledge that social media is the ultimate key to attracting new customers. More customers result in higher revenue! 


As we know, food is a global topic and one that consistently grabs attention without much of a fight. Social media is overflowing with users whose primary interest is food, creating a perfect playing field for you. Remember that more is better when you are motivated to give your business a social media presence. Being present on multiple platforms matters as it will reach a larger audience; a strategy that you will need to use.


Some people desire only to use Instagram, while others may prefer Twitter. Either way, you want to have all your bases covered! 


What Social Media is Best for Restaurants? 


BluCactus - Top 5 Social Media Strategies to Increase Restaurant Revenue - Man working onlineWhile using multiple platforms is important, you may wish to prioritize one over the other, considering your brand’s industry. Food is best seen rather than read about, which might encourage you to focus on more image-based or picture-orientated platforms. Instagram should be one of your best friends, while Facebook and Yelp are great choices too. Twitter is great for following culinary trends and keeping up with all industry news. 


  • Be Inviting, Increase Restaurant Revenue.


As your restaurant begins its journey on multiple social media platforms, it’s time to focus on the content you’re publishing. Eager restaurant owners will be determined to tell the world, whether global or local, who they are and what it is they do. Most platforms prompt users to share a short biography, and as a business account, your bio should invite other users to not only follow, browse, and “like,” but become a new customer.


Promote all the juicy details! Define the cuisine, theme, and specialties. Inform your audience of the location, business schedule, and website. This will be the first snapshot people see, and you want it to persuade a longer stay to entertain your actual posts. 


How Do I Get My Restaurant Noticed? 


BluCactus - Encourage new visitors UK - Woman with her cellphoneHashtags are a game changer in the realm of social media.


They allow users to find your restaurant’s profile by searching the same hashtag that you listed in one of your posts.


If your restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, you may wish to add #ItalianCuisine, in a photo’s caption.


You can also strategically place them in your profile’s bio or intro section. This will maximize outreach, as a user may search for a restaurant based on a location or specific dish. #Ontothenext!




  • Be Creative, Increase Restaurant Revenue.


Once you have settled upon a carefully crafted first impression, it’s time to dive deeper into content creation. Restaurateurs often choose their next dining experience based upon how great the menu items appear. An adamant social media strategy is providing images that meticulously showcase the best-sellers or fan favorites! These pictures need to mouth-wateringly capture and interest both your followers and visitors. Prime photography is crucial here as any hint of imperfection, whether lighting, placement, or clarity, can negatively influence even a hungry viewer. Along with your delicious images should come a teasing description, inspiring to taste rather than be content with just looking. 


How Do I Grow My Restaurant Business on Instagram? 


BluCactus - Encourage new visitors UK - Woman with her laptopInstagram offers many ways to get people talking about your restaurant. From posting standard posts and stories to maintaining connections with current customers, there are many routes you can take to grow your business through Instagram alone!


Apart from advertising your own content, you also can reach out to other local Restaurants for partnerships or events.


Networking through Instagram is easier than you might think, as everything and everyone is accessible through your fingertips. Business growth can also be reached through paid advertisements. Instagram offers businesses, big or small, the chance to buy an ad for their profile, post, or product.


Although it isn’t a free tool, it can immensely help increase the number of visitors to your page and overall customer base. 


  • Be Personable, Increase Restaurant Revenue.


BluCactus - Encourage new visitors UK - Woman working with her cellphoneWhile your social media content should mostly consist of product images, it is also essential to display the work culture, advertise upcoming events, introduce staff, and even provide an insider to your restaurant’s culinary processes.


This furthers your relationship with existing customers while connecting you to new ones.


Videos from behind the scenes adds a personable touch to your brand, as it portrays the team behind the name.


Many professional profiles on social media choose to share company values, beliefs, and goals in addition to their product or business. You can choose what and how much to share. 


How Do Restaurants Attract Guests?


BluCactus - Encourage new visitors UK - Man with a cellphoneBefore visiting your restaurant, guests want to know that they will receive immaculate service, tasty bites, and a friendly atmosphere.


It is these elements that create the overall experience, and the perfect experience is ultimately what will appeal to customers, both current and new.


Ensuring your content encompasses all the positive aspects of your brand will be sure to encourage new visitors.


People easily gravitate to what is new and trendy and knowing your audience is how you will get them on your side. 


  • Be Consistent, Increase Restaurant Revenue.


The final social media strategy that can help increase revenue is being consistent. Social Media is a competitive place, and companies that prioritize daily posting and content creation are the ones who maximize their success. If your restaurant’s social media page is a ghost town, there cannot be an influx in customer traffic. Engaging with followers, answering questions, and posting Q&As are dire needs that cannot come and go. 


How Often Should a Restaurant Post on Facebook? 


BluCactus - Linn LarssonWhile we advise continued engagement, you should limit yourself to a few daily posts. Spamming your follower’s feed with too much content can often annoy or frustrate, causing an eventual unfollow. Keep in mind that you want your audience to remember you while reaching and gaining new members. Daily participation should be enough to invite a viewer without demanding their attention. 


If you’d like us to help you strategize your social media usage to increase your restaurant’s revenue, click here to schedule a free consultation! 


We understand that marketing through social media is a new territory full of many doubts, questions, and even fears. The technology kingdom is vast and, at times, puzzling. Full of many windy roads, steep drops, and rocky mountains, but we’re here to tell you that it is conquerable!


Consider us your everlasting guide to assist you with all the tips and tricks to successfully navigate your new (and future!) adventures. 

How to present a restaurant in PowerPoint? If you are considering opening a new restaurant or want to boost an existing one, you can use PowerPoint. Through this tool, you can get eye-catching templates to save time and capture potential customers. But what can you do with these templates? You can use your creativity and create an attractive menu.


Every restaurant must have a menu that attracts the customer’s attention, or it will not meet its objectives as a gastronomic business. Therefore, if you want to have a successful restaurant, we recommend that you add this element to your marketing strategy.


What is a food menu in PowerPoint?


How to present a restaurant in PowerPoint? | BluCactus UKTo present a restaurant in PowerPoint, there is nothing better than doing it through a menu. You can choose Premium templates. However, you can also find various free templates on the internet that fit your needs.


Once you are ready for your restaurant menu design, you can start your search for templates. As we have already said, the free options are exciting. However, buying templates will also help you display your meals in a more personalized way.


The idea is that you can show your guests the best dishes your restaurant has and with the style that the occasion deserves. Therefore, you must choose templates that are balanced in cost with quality if you want to make a professional presentation. Indeed, in the paid templates, you will have the opportunity to access more options to design your menu.


You will find stock photos. They can be very useful if you don’t have time to take pictures of your best dishes. However, there will be nothing better than showing your original audience photos of your dishes. You will also have access to illustrations that can become the ideal complement to your menu design.


How to make the presentation of a restaurant menu?


How to present a restaurant in PowerPoint? | BluCactus UKYou must understand the importance of customizing the PowerPoint templates that will be used for your restaurant presentation.


Therefore, we will give you quick recommendations so that your presentation is of a high level and captures the attention of your target audience:


  • Let your images take center stage, How to present a restaurant.


Your images should shine. They are one of the most essential elements in a presentation for restaurants. Therefore, you must ensure quality and have an excellent personalized image bank. Remember that they will be the protagonists of your presentation.



How to present a restaurant in PowerPoint? | BluCactus UK

  • Add relevant information.


You cannot forget to include important information about your food in your presentation. In addition to the menu, you can include a list of the ingredients you use for a special dish. As well as showing the nutritional value of a dish through a table. In fact, many food icons can be used to illustrate important information.


  • Don’t put aside your creativity, How to present a restaurant.


Your slides are not required to follow a specific format. That is, there is a sequence of slides with images and a slide with text. The idea is to practice your creativity by using text and images in different places on the slides.


  • Leave blank spaces.


You must make sure to leave blank spaces between the elements that will be added to your slides. This way, the content will stand out, and your presentation will be easier to understand.


  • Play with contrasts, How to present a restaurant.


Your presentation can not lack colour, as it is an element that helps reinforce your brand. Similarly, colour is essential to create contrast around your images so that they can stand out. Also, choose colours that help conclude with a harmonious presentation to achieve the desired effect.


If you take these tips into account:


  • You’ll save time by not having to start from scratch.
  • Your presentation will look 100% professional.
  • You will find lots of customization options.
  • Your slides will stand out.


What are professional menu PPT templates?


If you ask us how many PowerPoint templates there are on the web, we can’t give you an answer with any certainty. But we can confidently say that you can get a template for each goal. Therefore, in the case of the presentation of a restaurant in PowerPoint through a menu, you will find a variety of options:


  • Templates for elements and drinks, How to present a restaurant.


For the presentation of various elements and drinks, Premium templates are usually the best option. They typically come with placeholders to add images and display photos of your food. Although finding a free template for gastronomy is tough, you can find the design you are looking for in the Premium templates.


  • Japanese food templates.


Japanese cuisine has an infinity of dishes. And they can all be displayed in a menu made with PowerPoint. You can find templates with many designs for presenting sushi, noodles, and more. Indeed, the slides can be personalized. And you can use as many slides as you like for any type of menu presentation.


  • Dessert Presentation Templates, How to present a restaurant.


Desserts also capture the attention of potential customers. And today, there are very fun and creative design templates for your presentation. The idea is to be able to find a template with a customizable design. This way, you can show your ideas to your clients and investors. Best of all, plenty of templates like these are available for free.


  • Luxury Restaurant Presentation Templates.


Luxury restaurants must take care of every detail of their presentation. There are many highly functional restaurant menu PowerPoint templates for an expensive restaurant presentation.


With detailed layouts to showcase the best dishes on a page of their own. Templates like these are ideal for presenting a lavish dinner.


  • Templates with masks for images, How to present a restaurant.


These types of templates look very professional. Remember that the presentation of a restaurant must look as striking and exquisite as the dishes it offers on the menu. Image masks can be used to personalize your photos. And for the most part, they contain mockups to make amazing slides and charts.


  • Templates with abstract figures.


Templates like these are usually best suited for displaying sweet creations. The desserts look great in a presentation with a minimalist design and abstract figures to complement the decoration. Therefore, they are templates that can be used in a restaurant or candy store.


  • Animated Templates, How to present a restaurant.


Animated templates are also very interesting for a restaurant presentation. On the web, we can find a selection of templates for food presentations. They have illustrations that can serve as companions to the photographs of your restaurant. However, you must have plenty of images to show your customers.


Where can I find free restaurant PowerPoint templates?


Chances are, you need free restaurant PowerPoint templates, especially if you’re just starting out. Also, it is worth mentioning that in most cases, a free template will not be as strong as a premium one. But it is an option that should also be considered depending on your budget. All you have to do is choose the templates of your choice, place your best photos to build the menu in PowerPoint, and that’s it.


Envato is one of the best platforms to get free restaurant PowerPoint templates. There is the possibility of finding Premium files that you can download at no cost.


Envato offers twelve hand-picked files each month. And to download it, you just have to create a free account. Similarly, the site offers monthly gifts that you can use. Among the most attractive templates for the presentation of a menu are the following:


  • Food menu templates for cafe vendors.
  • Templates for pizza restaurant menu.
  • Templates for gourmet food.
  • Food presentation templates with infographics and charts.
  • Exclusive templates for the presentation of dinners.
  • Templates to support organic restaurants.
  • Templates for culinary purposes.


Would you like a PowerPoint presentation for your restaurant?


These are the best ideas to present a restaurant in PowerPoint. This tool is not difficult to use, and you can create a quality menu. Considering that it will be the best way to present your restaurant and attract customers. Therefore, you need a lot of creativity and quality images of your dishes.


If you don’t have enough time to use this marketing tool. At BluCactus, we can help you create a unique and original PowerPoint presentation for your restaurant. Our graphic design, marketing, and content experts will provide you with the best recommendations to consolidate a project that attracts your potential clients. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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Email marketing for restaurants. If you own a restaurant, you must have a very clear objective: to stand out from the competition. How to do it? Today, digital marketing is the key to making our business valuable, and it gives us a tool that we cannot miss out on. We refer to email marketing, a strategy that has the power to attract new customers and much more.


Email marketing lets you please your loyal customers and keep them returning to your restaurant. But now, you must be wondering how to include this tool in your marketing campaign. In this post, we will explain how to use an email to publicize your restaurant and obtain good results.


How to choose the best marketing strategy for restaurants?


Your restaurant is a company, and as a company, it must be managed with clear objectives. This is the only way to enjoy all the benefits of email marketing for restaurants. Likewise, it is essential to clarify that email use may differ. Depending on the marketing strategy carried out and the sector in which it is dedicated.


In the case of restaurants, this is how you should carry out an email marketing campaign:


  • Relationship Building.


You can maintain a more loyal connection with your customers by sending a restaurant email campaign. In addition, you can take advantage of this medium to keep your customers updated. You can display your new menus. And to new customers, you can offer promotions or discounts to encourage them to visit your business for the first time.


However, a message of thanks cannot be missing either. Show your gratitude to customers who have visited your restaurant. And that way, you will notice how this action can add more value to your brand.


  • Create promotions.


Email marketing for restaurants: Build customer loyalty with the best tips | BluCactus UKA promotional newsletter for restaurants is a perfect option. Its operation is wide because you can share information about your company and great offers for your readers.


To make your newsletter exceptional, here are some ideas that can work for your newsletter:


    • Share tips for preparing quick meals.
    • Add exclusive recipes.
    • Send menu updates.
    • Show the chef’s specials.
    • Take advantage and tell the story of your restaurant.
    • Introduce team members.


  • Make events and invite your subscribers.


In restaurants, it is customary to hold parties or events frequently. The restaurant anniversary or happy new year party can be some of these celebrations.


Ideally, your subscribers can find out about the events you hold at your restaurant so they can attend. Therefore, your event invitation newsletter will be a significant contributor to making that event that has taken you so long to organise a success. Email marketing will be a great tool because it will allow you to inform and sell your dates to customers.


What are restaurant email campaigns?


Email marketing for restaurants: Build customer loyalty with the best tips | BluCactus UKTo create an email campaign in your restaurant, you need to think about how to have a large and worthwhile list. Here are some ideas that can work for you to build an email list:


  • Create a contact form on your website, Email marketing for restaurants.


You may not see it that way yet, but your booking website is a great way to generate leads. So, if a person makes a table reservation, thank them online for that reservation.


Following that, you can invite them to subscribe to your email. Thus, they will be able to obtain news of their best offers or of the events that are to come.



  • Add eye-catching pop-ups, Email marketing for restaurants.


Email marketing for restaurants: Build customer loyalty with the best tips | BluCactus UKPop-ups are likely to be annoying, not knowing how to use them. However, they increase the conversion rate by giving them the proper use.


Indeed, many restaurant marketing experts say pop-ups can help you get more emails for your restaurant newsletter.


And this may be a suitable way to use them:


    • Enable the popup to be displayed after 5 seconds.
    • Set up exit popups.
    • Match your popup to your brand.
    • Activate popups so that they appear twice for each visitor.
    • Add a precise closure of the popup button.


  • Invite your customers to join your email list, Email marketing for restaurants.


Email marketing for restaurants: Build customer loyalty with the best tips | BluCactus UKYour website link can be added to receipts or menus. This way, you can invite your customers to subscribe to the contact list.


Thus, your customers will be aware of the special offers and discounts that you make in your restaurant.


You can get creative when creating forms with the submitter to click on the “forms” option.


You can also configure the content, style, and other elements. Setup takes no more than 10 minutes. This way, you can get a newsletter subscription. Also, you can add a QR code somewhere in the restaurant. That can be scanned directly to access a destination page. This way, customers can sign up to win a special offer on the landing page.


Secrets for effective email marketing for restaurants


These are some aspects that cannot go unnoticed if you want to boost your email marketing campaign for a restaurant:


  • Create an email marketing strategy related to your goals.


Email marketing for restaurants: Build customer loyalty with the best tips | BluCactus UKOnce you have your email list, it’s time to create your email marketing strategy. Now, if you want it to be efficient, combining two types of newsletters is a good idea.


The first is the activated newsletter, which is a content used according to the user’s data. This way, you can give subscribers the feedback they need.


In second place, we have the business newsletters. It is content that maintains a necessary dialogue with its subscribers and can be sent on specific occasions. The goal is for the newsletter to have exciting content.


You can add upcoming events to be held at your restaurant or tell about your traditions or food service. Also, you can announce when there are extra dishes or a special menu.


Email marketing for restaurants: Build customer loyalty with the best tips | BluCactus UK

  • Welcome your new subscribers, Email marketing for restaurants.


This is not only a nice gesture; it is a way to be able to include a promotion that is difficult to refuse. In a welcome email, you can add the benefits of being part of your contact list. Once you set up these types of emails, your subscribers will understand that your business doesn’t just want to sell but also appreciates having new and loyal customers.


  • Reward Actions, Email marketing for restaurants.


If you use email, the idea is that they will be helpful. You can ask your email readers to share information about themselves and the things they like the most.


Of course, you must consider that many people do not want to share their interests or personal data. Consequently, you can offer a special promotion to get some data. Thus, your email marketing campaigns will be personalized.


  • Celebrate Together.


A celebration does not only happen at Christmas. It would help if you thought your subscribers may have special moments throughout the year. Including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.


As a tip, you can send an automated congratulations email. If it’s a birthday, the message can say “Happy Birthday.” This action strengthens your relationship with them. You can also let your customers know that they have accumulated points for a special meal.


The truth is that you can automate all the special dates, and the benefits will be satisfactory for your restaurant.


  • Offer special dishes, Email marketing for restaurants.


Some foods become a true delicacy in special seasons. You can use this opportunity to meet the needs of your customers. Offer those special, limited offers via an eye-catching email.


  • Provide recommendations.


Customers generally know the menu they will order in a restaurant. So, it can be understood that they do not need advice, although a recommendation will not hurt. Start by giving recommendations related to your dishes. For example, suppose we are in season for a certain vegetable. You can educate your customers about the importance of eating vegetables. Now, you can also list your dishes with special names to make them more eye-catching.


  • Share news related to restaurants, Email marketing for restaurants.


Your customers need to know if you’ve recently opened a restaurant chain or have a new member join your team. Therefore, this information may be shared in your newsletter. Take advantage of every update of your restaurant or the news related to this sector to share.


Do you want an email marketing campaign for your restaurant?


BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkYour restaurant can stand out from the competition through an email marketing campaign. Likewise, those customers who have given their authorization to receive emails must be added to your contact list.


As for the content, do not forget that it must be relevant to your subscribers. That is why a welcome message, with updates on your restaurant or special promotions and discounts, will make it reach your potential customers.


At BluCactus, we have a team of professionals, and we can take care of creating the email marketing campaign for restaurants that you need. Investing in a campaign like this brings many benefits to your business, and here we are to prove it. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants Owners. Do you want to grow your hotel and restaurant business online? Are you looking to drive more sales, revenue, and conversion for your hotel business with the help of the internet?


If your answer to the above question is yes, then we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will be talking about how you can take your hotel and restaurant business to the next level by leveraging SEO. 


So, the following are the topics that you’ll discover in this blog post:


  1. What is SEO and why you should care about it?
  2. Keyword research in SEO.
  3. On-page and off-page SEO.
  4. Content marketing and link building.
  5. Technical SEO.
  6. How to track SEO results and so on.


So, without wasting any more time, let us dive deep into these topics and get things moving.


SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants Owners


1. What is SEO and why you should care about it? SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants.


SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants Owners | BluCactus UKSEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving the website’s ranking and organic traffic from search engines like Google. It is a type of digital marketing strategy that focuses on creating the best-optimized website for users and search engines. 


The main purpose of doing SEO is that it helps in traffic, leads, and eventually more revenue for your company. 


  • Why should you focus on SEO?


Lots and lots of people search online. In fact, on search engines like Google, billions of searches take place every day. This means by ranking on top of Google, you can drive a lot of organic traffic to your website. 


For example;


If you sell cars, would you prefer to showcase a billboard ad, or would you like to rank for keywords like buy cars online, cheap cars to buy, and so on? We feel you would prefer the second option as it has commercial intent associated with it. 


On Google, people are not only searching for things that are associated with your business but also things that are closely associated with your business. In the case of hotels and restaurants. 


People could search for the following;


  1. Best hotels in Brighton.
  2. Best restaurants in Brighton.
  3. Cheap hotels in Brighton and so on.


So, if your hotel or restaurant is located in Brighton then you can target these keywords in your SEO strategy and improve your rankings


  • What drives traffic from search engines?


SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants Owners | BluCactus UKFirst things first, you need to know that Google is the number 1 search engine in the world. It has to have over 90% of the market share in the search engine industry. This clearly shows that Google will be responsible for driving most of the traffic on your website


However, the percentage of traffic may vary from one niche to another. It usually depends on the number of search volumes associated with the particular keywords. By targeting and placing the right keywords, you can actually skyrocket your traffic to the next level.


We will discuss more about that later in this guide. Until then, you need to understand that Google has changed a lot in recent past years. The SERP listings that appear in 2021 are completely different from the listings that appeared in the early 2000s.


SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants Owners | BluCactus UKToday, SERP comprises featured snippets, local listings, Google ads, people also ask section, Google’s knowledge graph, and much more. Also, ranking on Google is getting difficult day after day. 


But you do not need to worry about that as we have got you covered.


So, if you are wondering what works? And, how does Google determine which pages to return in response to what people search for? How do you get all of this valuable traffic to your site?


Then here are the answers to the above three questions:


  1. Google is always looking for content and web pages with quality, and a lot of information that satisfies the user’s query.
  2. Google determines which pages to rank on top with the help of crawling, indexing, and search engine algorithm. 
  3. Apart from this, Google also considered the speed of a website and security as a ranking single. If your site is secured by an SSL certificate and loads under 3 seconds, it might get good rankings on Google. 
  4. Additionally, backlinks are also one of the most important ranking factors. According to research done by Spark in 2019, backlinks were the topmost factor that determined the ranking of a web page.


Sounds too difficult, right? 


But the good thing is ranking on Google is not that difficult. Yes, with the right effort, hard work, and dedication, you can surely rank any website on Google. We have seen this. 


And if you follow the tips, tricks, and advice mentioned in this guide, you will also be able to rank your hotel or restaurant website for any keyword. 


2. Keyword research in SEO, SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants.


SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants Owners | BluCactus UKNow here comes the most important part of SEO which is keywords. The first step in SEO you need to do is determine which keywords you are trying to optimize your site for.


This means you need to hunt for the keywords that your targeted audience might be looking for on Google.


With the hotels and restaurants industry, the following are the keywords that your audience might be looking for. 


  1. Best hotels near London.
  2. Budget hotels to live in London.
  3. Top hotels to eat in Brighton.
  4. Best hotels for non-veg food in Leeds.


These are some keywords that your targeted audience might be looking for on Google if you own a hotel or restaurant in London, Brighton, or Leeds. These were the only basic or so-called primary keywords.


In order to get the best SEO results, you need to dive deep into keyword research and make a bucket of 50-100 keywords in your niche. 


Following are the things that you need to keep in mind while doing keyword research: 


SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants Owners | BluCactus UK

  • Search volume.


Search volume refers to the number of people searching for that keyword per month. Ideally, you should go with keywords that have 1000-2000 monthly search volumes. If you rank for such keywords, then you might end up getting a small chunk of organic traffic.


You can also consider targeting long-tail keywords that have slightly less search volume but high conversational value. 

  • Competition.


The next thing you need to focus on is the competition that keywords are having. It does not make any sense to target highly competitive keywords. If you have just started with your hotel or restaurant website, then go for keywords with less competition. 


This will help you in getting better rankings in less amount of time. 


With that in mind, we would suggest you go with long-tail keywords that have 5-6 words in them. 


To do keyword research, you can use tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs. If the budget is your constraint, then you can use free SEO tools like Google keyword planner, Answer The Public, and so on. 


SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants Owners | BluCactus UK3. On-page and off-page SEO, SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants.


After doing the keyword research, it is now important for you to start with on-page optimisation. On-page SEO is nothing but optimizing the web pages and content of your site so that search engines can better crawl and index it. 


Each of the web pages on your site should be highly optimized under all the parameters of on-page SEO. 


Now let us look one-by-one what are top on-page SEO rankings factors:



  • Title tag:


The most important element of on-page SEO is the title tag. It appears on your browser tab on the SERP results in blue colour. Search engine bots crawl the title tag in order to better determine the context of your content. That is why you need to create sweet, simple, crisp, and easy-to-read title tags. 


The general length of the title tag is 60-65 characters. 


So, make sure that your title tags are within the specified limits and you make maximum use of them. 


Another advantage of the title tag is that it can also improve your CTRs. If your title tags are click-worthy, then you will be able to attract a lot of traffic. 

  • Meta tag:


Next to the title tag, meta descriptions are another important tag that will help you with on-page SEO. Meta descriptions appear just below the title tag. They give a brief summary of your content. 


In short, they help search engines and users understand the context of your content. So, make sure that you make maximum use of meta description tags. You can also include your primary and secondary keywords in the meta description. 


This will help you improve your rankings for primary and secondary keywords.

  • Body content:


Now here comes the most important part of your entire SEO campaign: content. You might already know that content is the king in the world of the internet. It can either make or break your SEO strategy. 


So, make sure that you level up your content marketing efforts in order to make the most out of your SEO strategy. 


When it comes to content creation, you need to pull up your socks and understand the needs and wants of your users. Once you do that, you can start creating content that solves the problems for your audience.


With the Hotel business following can be the problems that your audience might have:


  1. How to find budget hotels.
  2. Best hotels in XYZ locations.
  3. Cheap travel guides and so on.


So, you can create content around these topics and help your audience in solving their problems. Also, keep in mind that you need to spend 20% of your time creating the content and 80% promoting it.


4. Link building, SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants.


BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkNow here comes the most important and difficult part of SEO which is link-building. Most SEO experts find link-building as the most difficult task in SEO. 


But the good news is we will make this process easy for you. 


Link-building will have 80% of the impact in improving the SEO ranking of your site. More links = better rankings and traffic. And once you have traffic, you will be able to generate tons of revenue, right? 


So, how to build links?


Here are the top 5 link-building techniques you need to follow:


  1. Guest posting.
  2. Blogger outreach.
  3. Epic content.
  4. Article submission.
  5. Networking with bloggers.


Follow these techniques and you will surely be able to take your link-building campaign to the next level


Important point: you need to make sure that you create high-quality backlinks from the high DA PA website. It is better to make 1 link from a high DA website rather than focusing on making 10 links from low authority websites.


5. Technical SEO.


The next important SEO task you need to pay attention to is technical SEO. Although technical SEO might sound intimidating to you but is easy to implement and leverage.


Also, technical SEO plays a 20% role in improving the ranking of your keywords and website. It also helps you diagnose the errors that your site might be having. 


Apart from this, technical SEO will also help you in improving the overall health of your website. 


Following are the important technical SEO elements that you need to look into:


  1. Redirections.
  2. Duplicate content.
  3. Broken links.
  4. Google search console errors.
  5. Website speed.
  6. Security.
  7. Internal links.


Make sure that you follow these factors while doing a technical SEO audit of your site.


6. How to track SEO results and so on, SEO Guide For Hotel and Restaurants.


The last in this list of technical SEO guide for hotels and restaurants is to track and measure your SEO results. Without tracking your performance, you won’t be able to know whether you are moving ahead in the right direction or not. 


You can keep a constant eye on your Google Analytics account and keep checking for organic sessions


You can also use a Google search console account to check your keywords rankings. 




Doing SEO for hotel and restaurant business can be quite easy because there is not much competition involved. However, you still need to be very careful with SEO.


The right SEO strategy can take your business to the level of awesomeness and vice versa. With the help of this guide, you will surely be able to deal with the most important parts of SEO


The rest depends on your hard work and dedication.