What are the telemarketing trends in 2022?

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What are the telemarketing trends in 2022 for the UK? After a confinement that we did not know how long it would last, in 2022, it is important to catch up with the trends in any sector, including telemarketing. This form of direct and digital marketing has prevailed since the arrival of Covid. And it has achieved many innovations in companies.


In the UK, companies can also use telemarketing to stand out from the competition. In this post, we will talk about telemarketing trends in 2022.


What are the new trends in the telemarketing sector?


In case you did not know, telemarketing is one of the cheapest direct marketing strategies. Likewise, it has other advantages that you can use to search for new clients. And to establish better communication with the consumer.


Let’s see what the trends of telemarketing are in 2022:


  • Artificial Intelligence.


BluCactus - What are the telemarketing trends in 2022? - Intelligent technology Nowadays, artificial intelligence is present everywhere.


Its advances have enabled conversations with virtual assistants to generate hyper-personalized responses, ushering in a new form of conversational marketing.


However, the experience provided by virtual assistants is often the same as that obtained with a human assistant.


Indeed, this is thanks to Natural Language Processing which allows us to personalize responses.


Thus, through artificial intelligence, you have the opportunity to provide solutions to specific problems for each of the users.


  • Data Analytics, Telemarketing trends.


BluCactus - What are the telemarketing trends in 2022? - Woman smilingData analytics has been working as a marketing base. In fact, there are many technologies that we can use for all telemarketing services.


However, they would not perform as well without the help of analytics. This is a key point in the technology sector.


Since thanks to data analytics, we can obtain important and more specific data to provide solutions more quickly.


Predictive analytics are also relevant in this field. They are handy tools and services to improve the quality of the information provided to each client. Of course, it is essential to add that depending on the volume of data. Some tools may be more functional to give the user the corresponding assistance.



  • Omnichannel Communication, Telemarketing trends.


BluCactus - Provide a better and totally personalized user experience - People at workOmnichannel is a type of communication in which all communication channels are integrated to serve customers. Therefore, omnichannel communication is very important for optimizing customer interaction. So, this is a strategy that, as in other years, is also in trend for this 2022.


Through this type of communication, you can provide a better and totally personalized user experience. It does not matter what device the customer uses to contact the company. Since now, they can have a Smartphone, Tablet, or computer at hand. Thanks to this, it is also not relevant where we are to request support from any company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


By using telemarketing, you can access this type of communication, allowing users to contact a certain company when needed. Of course, this attention will be 100% personalized by the preferred channel and without geographical limits.



  • Its adaptation to teleworking, Telemarketing trends.


BluCactus - This new way of working life - People teleworkingTeleworking is here to stay and is a reality we cannot question.


This new way of working life is also part of the digital telemarketing trends, which is why many companies allow their workers to work from home.


Consequently, virtual assistance is becoming more necessary every day.


Regarding ​​telemarketing, it has not been left out of this transition and is part of the new work model that depends directly on digitization. Also, it needs new technologies that are constantly evolving. In this case, teleworking cannot be left out of the trends that seek a new form of communication between clients and companies.



  • Self-Service Tools.


We can´t let Self-service tools out of telemarketing trends in 2022 either. Chatbots, FAQ pages, video tutorials, and virtual assistants are part of this trend. However, it must be taken into account that many clients are not satisfied with this type of interaction and are classified as poor. In this sense, companies that make or want to use this trend must implement improvements for a satisfactory experience.


  • Social Media, Telemarketing trends.


BluCactus - Have visibility in social media - Woman at workNow, for companies that do not have visibility in social media, it is practically as if they did not exist.


Therefore, it is also a trend in telemarketing and is often the first resource customers turn to when they want information about a product or service or find a problem they need to solve.


Another critical point is that, through social media, customers can generate traffic to your web pages.


Social networks are booming in telemarketing, and it is one of the trends that shows better results every year.



What telemarketing trend do you like the most for your company?


BluCactus - Linn LarssonThese are the telemarketing trends in 2022. Your company needs this form of marketing to offer a quick response to your customers.


In addition, it brings flexibility to your work since distances are shortened through the internet.


If you need to optimize customer service in your company at BluCactus, we can help you. Our specialists will tell you what marketing actions you should implement for more effective campaigns. If you want your interaction to become a worthy experience for users, you can contact us right now to talk about your project. Contact us!


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