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Top 41 Mum Influencers in the UK. For a few years now, influencer mums have given a lot to talk about, becoming an excellent communication reference. Mum influencers have gained a lot of success in the UK. And if you want to know the reason, you can’t miss the top 100 mum influencers in the UK.

Mum Influencers UK


Mummy Influencers have managed to gain a good reputation on the internet. And their increased number of followers on social media has been an advantage for their reputation and credibility. Their acceptance is also because they show their reality through their experiences with motherhood and the care of their babies. And they even make collaborations with brands that are related to the world of children. This is known as Influencer Marketing.


If you’re in the UK, find out which mother influencers are in the top 41 and why many brands work with them. 


1. Stacey Solomon

4.9 M followers


From TV performances to motherhood.


Stacey is the mother of four amazing kids who are part of her daily content on Instagram.


Her feed is loaded with cute family moments and definitely worth following.




2. Louise Pentland

2.8 M followers


Louise’s content is full of motherhood life.


Her feed is like a whole family album.


She is a vlogger and loves to share her lifestyle with her two adorable daughters online.



BluCactus - Influencers3. Anna Saccone

1.3 M followers


Anna is one of our favourite top mum bloggers because her content is relatable.


And she tries to keep motherhood real.


Mum of four sharing her moments while talking about eating disorders and more.



4. Ladbaby Mum

1.1 M followers


Celeb, mom of the year, and Times Best Selling Author. She shares her life online as a mom of two boys.








5. Fleur de Force



Beauty, home, food, family, lifestyle, and travel.


Fleur has it all on Instagram.


And even on YouTube, she has a huge fanbase of 1.35 M.



6. Jools Oliver



Jools’ Instagram is like her personal blog, where she loves to share her lifestyle proudly with 5 kids.


Her family-based content is loved by her big community online.





BluCactus - Influencers7. Lillie Lexie



Lillie has a vast community that follows her family of 4 adventures, her lifestyle, and her fashion sense.







BluCactus - Influencers8. Sarah Turner



Sarah, mum of three and author, is loved by many who enjoy watching her family moments online.








9. Courtney Adamo



This is the perfect family profile. It has it all.


Decor, food, a family of five moments, parenting tips, and lifestyle-perfect photos.


Courtney creates online courses and e-books for parents.




Mum Influencers


10.Gina Lloyd


Gina is a mum and digital creator.


She has two sets of twins plus one, a big funny family whose content is a must-watch.









BluCactus - Influencers11. The Scummy Mummies



Comedy, motherhood, podcasts, and even live shows.


Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn joined forces to become The Scummy Mummies in 2013.


They have since gone on to produce an award-winning podcast, a sell-out touring comedy show, a popular book. And even their range of merchandise.


They have an ever-growing social media presence, with more than 160,000 followers on Instagram.


12. Zoë de Pass



Style and motherhood are the perfect combination.


A digital mum creator who inspires mothers to be fashionable.





BluCactus - Influencers13. Emma Conway 142k followers


Emma, mum of two.


She has a beautiful Instagram account that showcases everything about her family lifestyle and includes Walt Disney World content.




14. Laura Ann



Laura, mum of boys.


Her beautiful lifestyle is shared daily on Instagram.






15. Charlotte Amor Valentine 



BluCactus - Influencers

Charlotte is a mum of two and a lover of all interior things.


She’s a confessed decorating addict, neat freak & advocate of kindness.


Her content is the perfect inspiration for home decoration.






BluCactus - Influencers16. Susie 



Susie, content creator, mum to three little kids.


Her content is relevant to parenting, always keeping it real.






BluCactus - Influencers17. Clemmie Telford 



Pregnancy, health, motherhood, reality.


Clemmie has a very engaging presence on social media as a podcaster and book author who advocates mental health and empowers others.






18. Harriet Shearsmith 118k followers


Harriet shares everything about motherhood and body confidence.


She’s the author of Mummin’ it out, a podcaster, and even an award-winning UK blogger.


Her reels are about relatable content, and her content is beneficial, including recipes, meal plans, and family adventure tips.


19. Lauren Mcdermott 102k followers


Lauren is a wife, mom, and social content editor.


Her pictures are worth looking at as they are high quality and showcase beautiful lifestyle moments.




Mum Instagram Influencers UK


20. Travel Mad Mum 101k followers


Travel Mad Mum aims to inspire other parents with personal experience, factual information, and tips for travelling with little ones.


Topics like backpacking with a baby, flying with a baby, flying with a toddler, travelling on maternity leave, and babymoon travel.


Also, packing for a baby and destination-based information relevant for family travel is part of her account, which is on top of that full of amazing family pictures from all their trips around the world.


21. Anna 95.4k followers


Anna has an account with pretty pictures and simple captions featuring her family of 5.







BluCactus - Influencers22. Jane Dowden 95k followers


Jane is not only a twin mum but also an actor whose Instagram is filled with excellent comedy content and reels that are loved and commented on by many.






23. Cara 94.4k followers


Decor, home, beauty, lifestyle, and most importantly, motherhood.


Cara is a mum to 3 kids, and her Instagram is a perfect mix of everything we mentioned.







BluCactus - Influencers24. Katie Ellison 87.3k followers


Katie mum of three and a digital creator who enjoys documenting life and sharing it online.


Family, travel, home, and photo editing tips are part of her daily content,






25. Faye Gooding 80.7k followers


Five boys, trips, motherhood experience, homeschooling, tips, and unique moments.


Everything is part of Faye’s Instagram profile.






26. Pippavosper 79.6k followers


Pippa is a mother, a British Vogue contributor, and an inspirational writer.


She’s going to publish her book:


Beyond Grief: Navigating the Journey of Pregnancy and Baby Loss by Hachette/Headline Home in 2022.





27.Rebecca 79.4k followers


Rebecca is a fantastic mum to triplets and a boy.


Her profile is everything about parenting and cute family pictures.









28. Tash Gershfield 69.5k followers


Sharing family moments is Tash’s passion. She shares every experience while being a mother of 3.


She has an online shop where baby clothing and more are also available.







29. Jessica Diner 60.8k followers


Jessica is an inspirational mum who shares fashion, beauty, and family content that people love.






30.Jess Warner 46.5k followers


Her username says it all:


It is a house full of boys, and she shares everything about it on Instagram.









31. Sarah 45.2k followers


Sarah is a family blogger who loves to document her family of 4.


Join her journey through motherhood, places, kids’ eating habits, and beauty.







BluCactus - Influencers32. Fritha Quinn 44.8k followers


Mum of two living in Bristol.


Fritha is the perfect home-educating account whose parenting style is worth admiring.







33. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor 42k followers


Jenny is a mum of 3 whose passion is sharing online.


Her content as a parenting and lifestyle blogger also includes recipes and decoration snaps.





BluCactus - Influencers34. Fiona 40.9k followers


Fiona is not just a mommy of two beautiful little ones.


She is also a parenting lifestyle, and travel blogger with photographic skills from Ireland.







BluCactus - Influencers35. Sofia Gouveia 36.4k followers


Sofia has an Instagram profile that is all in one:


lifestyle, travel, fashion, and family.


Her pictures and journey are a must-watch.




36. Hollie B 35.8k followers


Hollie is a wife & mum of 2 little boys.


Also, her account has got plus-size style content that inspires.









BluCactus - Influencers37. Alison Perry 33k followers


Everything about motherhood is what Alison likes to share online.


Mum of two, but also an author, magazine writer, and host of the podcast:


Not another mommy podcast.





BluCactus - Influencers38. Hannah Mummy Mills 19k followers


The perfect account for mum’s life and workouts.


Hannah, a mum of two, shares pre-natal and post-natal routines that her community loves. 







BluCactus - Influencers39. Lyndsay-Joanne 18k followers


Lyndsay, an LGBTQ mum, has a profile about fitness, parenting, and positivity along with her beautiful family of two kids.








BluCactus - Influencers40. Mimi Labesa 13.1k followers


Photographer and lifestyle creator about motherhood, fashion, and science.


Her Instagram features the best moments of her two kids, who have adorably taken over her profile.







BluCactus - Influencers41. Ghazal 11.9k followers


Ghazal is a Muslim mommy living in Manchester.


Her content is unique, including family experiences, lifestyle, and modest fashion.






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