What are the trends in digital marketing that brands must use to connect with the audience?

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What are the trends in digital marketing that brands must use to connect with the audience? Brands in the UK currently have a primary objective: to connect with the public. Many digital marketing strategies are implemented to achieve viability, higher sales numbers, growth, and reputation. However, managing to connect with the people we want to be our clients, and continuing to build loyalty and retain existing ones, has been a constant in the race to achieve goals.


Having many followers is a positive aspect, without a doubt. But it is priceless to have several followers who are also customers and provide us with sales and positive interactions that help them grow.


The potential customer today is more cautious when buying or acquiring a product or service. They like to investigate, review various options, and compare prices and features, among others. Therefore, meeting the needs of the person is paramount, and so it is necessary to connect directly with them.


Likewise, today’s consumer is neither entirely face-to-face nor entirely online. Since many choose to establish a first connection virtually and make the sale directly in the physical store.


Whatever the case, brands seek to connect with people to capture them as customers and establish lasting and faithful relationships over time. Therefore, we will now see how it is possible to achieve it.


Marketing trends to connect with the public


  • Virtual reality and metaverse.


BluCactus - The haute couture fashion firms - TabletWith virtual reality and the metaverse, a new way of living and interacting has been encouraged. These allow you to create an avatar that will function in a digital world where you will create connections with other people in the same modality. Acquiring products, and services, such as real estate, clothing, accessories, and others.


Some classify it as a second life since you can be whatever you want here. Thanks to this, many brands have dedicated themselves to having a presence in the metaverse. Highlighting the haute couture fashion firms, who bill thousands of dollars for pieces available only for this environment.


Therefore, this virtual reality is excellent for hooking up with users and especially having a direct relationship with them. Knowing their tastes, affinities, and preferences, among others.


The metaverse is still booming and promises to continue innovating and improving its user experience. To this same extent, brands are increasingly interested in being included in it. All thanks to the advantages that this direct deal with Internet users entails.


  • Quality Content, Trends in digital marketing.


BluCactus - Content translates into reliability concerning a brand - Light It has been proven that, on social media, a person can follow an account for the valuable content it provides. Rather than for the same product or service it offers.


Let’s take an example.


A cleaning company that offers services and sales of products for this purpose and that in its account shares or uploads tips on cleaning surfaces, removing difficult stains, and caring for clothes or furniture, among others. It is very likely to acquire followers for the content of the tip you share rather than for the service you offer.


Creating valuable content translates into reliability concerning a brand. This, in turn, means that more people have it as a reference in that field or medium. Increasing visibility and positioning itself in search engines, among others.


By offering this type of material, people connect with the brand. The interaction will increase to the extent of their interest, thus creating closeness between the public and the company.


  • Self-management and chatbots.


BluCactus - Answering questions without feeling pressure - StatisticsMany companies have resorted to using bots as an immediate response mechanism in the company’s chats for its customer service or interested parties.


This strategy is less intrusive than phone calls to offer products or services. Most people tend to be annoying and take away valuable time from the recipient.


A person can feel comfortable answering questions without feeling pressure to make someone wait on the other end of the phone. Or to answer truthfully when you don’t want to reveal something.


Given this, bots are presented as an option to connect with people. And, at the same time, collect essential and relevant data for the company or brand. About the profile and preferences of that person who is answering surveys or requesting information.



  • Video marketing, Trends in digital marketing.


BluCactus - What are the trends in digital marketing that brands must use to connect with the audience? - LaptopThe content in video format arrived, was liked, and stayed with us. Currently, content plans for social media must contain at least 2 videos a week.


Since it has been shown that, among other options, this is the one that represents the highest consumption.


The videos that can be uploaded to social media are of short duration, which is more attractive to the viewer. Since it is possible to feed on valuable information in a short time and be entertained in the same way.


More than 80% of traffic on networks and digital media is due to the presence of video format content. This is why it should be used to publicise products like the brand itself. And connect with the receiving public of the information.


Every day more innovations arise in editing videos, making them more attractive based on effects, sounds, and filters. This lets us know that this will continue to grow and represent one of the best digital marketing strategies.


  • Connection between social media.


BluCactus - What are the trends in digital marketing that brands must use to connect with the audience? - Have a good trainingAnother strategy to develop in 2022 is connections between platforms. It is no longer a novelty to see the option of stores on social media.


Instagram has one, as well as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Pinterest, among others.


In this same way, advertisements become important. Since they facilitate access between digital media and connect us from wherever we are browsing with a store or website where we can access a purchase or be served by the company in question.


By creating that link, we can achieve closeness and connection with customers and people who are interested in something specific. And obtain the necessary information for managing a database.


  • Customer Service, Trends in digital marketing.


BluCactus - What are the trends in digital marketing that brands must use to connect with the audience? - Have a good jobDuring the pandemic and especially quarantine, it left us with many closed businesses, physical spaces, or stores that began to ship online or digitally.


For this reason, customer service has become more relevant than in other times.


Due to this situation, many companies and businesses that we’re able to recover and reopen their doors switched to hybrid modalities, in which they sell in person and online.


Currently, and as a result of having been in confinement for more than a year, people demand more attention. That it be personalized, as well as expeditious, knowing the preferences of each one, will make a better service be provided.



  • Bet on TikTok.


BluCactus - What are the trends in digital marketing that brands must use to connect with the audience? - Have a good timeTikTok is one of the platforms with the most users today. And its strength is video. Whether through photos or created content, the video is the only option offered.


And despite having extended its duration, the short video is still king.


If we add to this the number of options that exist to create content, among which collaborations and the inclusion of influencers stand out to enhance what we show, we will see that we will be facing the infinite potential to get the most out of the brand.


TikTok was a social media platform for young people since its audience was primarily teenagers. However, today people of all ages make life on this platform, either to create videos or to be entertained.


It offers the chat option to interact with the creators directly and closely.


  • Automated Sales, Trends in digital marketing.


Automated sales involve a process that facilitates a person’s purchase process. However, it is not only focused on that fact but on offering a global service that ranges from sending offers, promotions, and rescuing customers who have pending purchases to processing and updating databases.


  • Stories on the web.


Social media have the option of stories that format to share actions or everyday things that last 24 hours on our profile. Well, Google bets on this strategy by incorporating Web Stories to give websites greater visibility. So, it is closely connected to SEO. Therefore, when placing keywords of what we want to find, Google will show us stories related to our search in its results, taking us to sites of interest, thus creating a connection between people and companies.


  • Voice search, Trends in digital marketing.


BluCactus - Linn LarssonVoice search has also gained ground. In today’s world, where the pace of life is increasingly accelerated, and it seems that time is not enough to do what is necessary, writing represents a valuable job.


For this reason, and due to a demand for immediacy, searches using voice commands have become popular. Being perceived as a very personal and close way of searching for what is needed.


For this reason, digital marketing is betting on this strategy because of the agility it represents for frequent tasks.


To learn about other types of strategies in the world of digital marketing and enhance your brand, do not hesitate to contact us.


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