Easy ways to use video marketing to boost your financial business

Use video marketing to boost your financial business

Easy ways to use video marketing to boost your financial business. The time when videos were only used for entertainment purposes is left behind. Many companies can make their products and services known more easily thanks to video marketing strategies. Video marketing is one of the best ways to attract customers without using boring brochures.


Although it is true, the financial sector has understood that it must also be part of the digital world. For this reason, many banking and financial entities invest in a website, but this is not all. Video marketing must come into play to offer something more than the competition and stand out.


Today we’ll give you the best and easiest video marketing ideas for financial businesses. This way, you can provide a more personalised digital experience to your customers.


Why is digital video advertising important for the banking sector?


Use video marketing to boost your financial businessCustomer trust is the first thing we must earn if we want a potential customer. The problem is that customers are now more demanding than before. Because of this, putting your business information on your website won’t be enough to present yourself as a brand.


If you can’t make your customers trust you, creating a connection that brings profit to your business will become a big challenge.


Therefore, the main objective of digital video advertising, or video marketing, should be to be able to transmit a story. Something where human emotions are part of it, offers enough reasons to need a loan or invest.


So, if your financial business will use video marketing, make sure it’s an excellent message to captivate your customers.


  • The most effective video marketing ideas to boost your financial business.


Use video marketing to boost your financial business. We know that reaching an audience to sell essential services in finance can be difficult. But it’s not all bad, as video marketing can be the tool you need to improve the user experience significantly.


To that end, we’ve put together the easiest ways you can use video marketing in finance:


  • Use demo videos to show the characteristics of a financial product or service, Use video marketing to boost your financial business.


Use video marketing to boost your financial businessThe most extraordinary features of a financial product or service can be shown through demo videos. These videos are functional since they allow the value of a financial offer to be conveyed clearly and concisely.


We take an example from a demo video of Eusu Financial, where you can see an application that helps people from underserved places better plan their finances. However, through a voice-over, the characteristics of said application are explained and how it can be used to send funds and save.


Demonstration videos should always be included in your video marketing strategy, considering that most customers prefer the video format to learn everything related to a product or service.


Now, suppose you are worried about how to make videos like these on the web. In that case, there are many free programs that you can use with a bit of creativity to create original videos. Although if you want something more professional, a video production and marketing team will be necessary.


  • Create promotional videos to showcase what your financial business offers. 


Use video marketing to boost your financial businessPromotional videos are perfect for you to show everything related to your financial business services. Also, you can use videos like these to give the brand more visibility if it is in a sales funnel.


The advantage of promotional videos is that they make a more significant impression on potential customers.


They allow you to attract more traffic to your website by arousing more interest in visitors. Also, since this type of video can contain a large amount of information and is a more digestible format, they are broadly compatible.


Consequently, if you have a financial business and want to publicize a new financial product, the use of promotional videos should not go unnoticed.


  • All businesses can benefit from customer testimonial videos, Use video marketing to boost your financial business.


No matter what industry a business is in, they can benefit from customer testimonial videos. The truth is that word-of-mouth marketing is very effective in persuading potential customers. Because of this, positive testimonials can generate more trust in companies. After all, the approval of other customers is essential.


However, we must not fall into the trap of customer testimonial videos. Traditional testimonials where a lot of text prevails, apart from being very old, cause boredom. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to the current client’s needs. In this case, you have to create easy-to-consume videos.


There can be a more profound bond when a person speaks in front of the camera. After all, the expressions will look more authentic, unlike written testimonials. Suppose you want to create a video like this. In that case, the help of an actual client will be vital for you to tell directly to the cameras the importance of having sound financial advice.


How to use video marketing for your financial business?


Creating a video marketing strategy for banks is a task that requires good practices for the content to be successful. Therefore, we will explain what to do and what not to do when starting to work on a video:


  • When creating videos, you must have a goal, or you won’t get good results. Having a clear plan is the only way to know what kind of video is right for you to make.


  • Get all the information about your target audience to tailor the content of your videos. For example, suppose your audience is in the decision-making stage. In that case, a customer testimonial video will point them in the right direction.


  • You should always have a hook, keeping in mind that your videos will compete with other financial business videos. The first 5 seconds will be valuable in your video, so you can start by posing a question to get the audience’s attention.


  • Don’t forget that videos are a storytelling medium. You need to tell a story that connects with your audience. Only in this way will they stay to the end. In short, your goal is to establish a coherent and concise story.


  • Video optimization should also be a part of your video marketing strategy to rank higher in search engines.


  • The call to action must also be part of creating your videos in any of its formats. To keep order, you can add different CTAs to a list. This will guarantee that your customers won’t get confused when learning about a new financial product or looking for specific information.


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