14 viral fashion campaigns

Viral fashion campaigns

14 viral fashion campaigns. Everyone knows the fashion world for being one filled with creativity and dynamism. Because of this, marketing has different ways to promote its products or services. Besides, a good fashion campaign can create a big name within the industry out of a starter brand.


However, the coronavirus pandemic hit this sector, among others, the hardest over the past year. Thanks to its spread worldwide, many brands had to postpone or even cancel their new collections. Furthermore, they shifted their focus to supporting the health sector. However, not everything is bad news. Our digital era and many technological tools awakened the creativity of many. As a result, this sector was one of the first to take advantage of them for its benefit.


In this blog, we will show you some of the most viral fashion marketing campaigns in recent years.


The impact of COVID-19 on the fashion industry


Viral fashion campaignsGiven the economic recession introduced by 2020, fashion clothing sales fell as much as 40% in just one month. As a result, many garments didn’t leave the warehouse, to the point of growing outdated.


On the other hand, the trend factor isn’t the most important to cause a sales decline. Many consumers now work from home alone. Because of this, they don’t have major events to go out for.


Thus, they choose not to spend money on clothing they won’t wear.


Since then, brands have adapted to these new, more reserved consumers. Now, they don’t focus as much on fleeting trends and seasons. The garments remain much more functional if people don’t buy them all. Other brands are more agile and use pre-order functions to have the fewest unsold products.


The most outstanding campaigns in recent years


  • Carlings Augmented Reality T-shirt, Viral fashion campaigns.


Viral fashion campaignsT-shirts are an almost vital garment part of everyone’s closet. It doesn’t matter if your style is more casual or formal. A t-shirt never hurts. However, this adaptable garment got its fame thanks to many activist movements across history.


On the other hand, it’s a fun piece of clothing.


If it’s a fun element and technology continues to grow, why not blend these two factors? The clothing brand CARLINGs was the pioneer in creating a T-shirt that works with Instagram filters.


Users only have to go to this brand’s Instagram account, press filters, and choose the design they want. This allows them to get unique designs on the same shirt by using their phone.


This piece costs $50, a price that can be very high for many consumers. However, it’s an excellent garment to wear on all social media for those who love fashion and technology.


  • Campaigns with non-human models.


Viral fashion campaignsDuring the 50s, the idea of being surrounded by robots sounded like something far off. Today, robotics and virtual reality is an abundant element in our lives. Because of this, the fashion industry chose not to get left behind.


Now, you can find campaigns with catalogue brands with robotic models (and the occasional alien girl). However, high couture houses took it further and now have robot models like Nikita.


For example, Gucci and Prada were just some of these houses that now use robots to showcase their products.


Due to the pandemic, many brands turned to the digital world and shaped their collections around it. For example, most of them now use live streams to present their new designs. On the other hand, many non-human models got created for social media or campaigns. Some of them even grew famous and became sort of influencers. Thus, we must get used to a world full of non-human models dominating the catwalks.


  • Calvin Klein with Shawn Mendes, Viral fashion campaigns.


A campaign that took social media by storm was the alliance between the Calvin Klein brand and American pop singer Shawn Mendes. A picture from this campaign called #MyCalvins caught the attention of many. In it, we saw the singer sitting comfortably on a chair wearing boxers. This campaign took place in 2019, and fans of Mendes couldn’t take their eyes off of their phones.


  • Givenchy hinted at the face of his new ambassador.


Viral fashion campaignsGivenchy, the luxury fashion brand, launched a mysterious image on Twitter. In it, the brand’s followers could see a silhouette of what would become the brand’s new ambassador.


People started making theories around this image, trying to figure out who it was. Finally, most of them agreed that it was the singer Ariana Grande.


This campaign created discussion and debate among fans because some were sure it was the singer, and others weren’t.


As a result, Givenchy’s campaign to reveal its new ambassador was successful. Because of it, many people talked about the brand for several weeks throughout 2019.



  • BlackPink’s Jennie becomes Chanel’s ambassador.


The impact of Kpop on trends and styles around the world is undeniable. Because of it, Chanel selected a member of the world’s biggest girl group Blackpink to represent the brand. Once Blackpink’s Jennie started to show up on different platforms as Chanel’s ambassador, social media went crazy. As a result, different kinds of exclusive content about Kpop culture took the world by storm.


  • An inspirational video from Nike becomes popular on social media.


Sportswear brand Nike is famous for always giving something to talk about in its digital campaigns. Here, we must highlight their #JustDoIt promotional video from February 2020.


Its success came from its emotional and motivational content. Many followers of this brand started talking about it and spreading its message. Most of them even shared their surprise by it.


  • EXO’s Kai teams up with Gucci, Viral fashion campaigns.


The girls of Kpop aren’t the only ones dominating the most influential fashion brands in the world. Last year, EXO’s band member Kai became the first global Korean brand ambassador for Gucci.


His association with the brand has frequently made it to the ‘101 times” list. Since Kai’s debut on the Gucci Cruise runway in 2021, he has become a crucial part of the most essential fashion campaigns.


  • Acne Studios.


Acne Studios ran one of the most viral campaigns among fashionistas last year. For it, their creative directors teamed up with artist August Strindberg. The result? A dreamy and magical collection.


This campaign showcased its models as part of the pictorial works with an abstract style. This drew attention due to the use of colors and the emotions it got from the brand’s lovers. Every photo was made so that the user didn’t have any choice but to feel emotional.


  • Stella McCartney telling a story, Viral fashion campaigns.


British designer Stella McCartney created a unique campaign for the last fashion season. In it, models were part of a clothing factory. It is well known that this designer is one of the pioneers of sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.


The objective of this campaign was to tell the story of each of the garments in fashion and its processes, which we often do not know. It is a complex story told from minimalist clothes and images much love.


  •  Moschino and his puppet models.


Viral fashion campaignsDuring the middle of the pandemic, the clothing brand Moschino and its creative director Jeremy Scott created a 7-minute long video to show their new pieces for their spring/summer 2021 collection.


What grabbed the attention of many was that they didn’t use real models. Instead, they used doll-like puppets. Thanks to this campaign, Scott got a lot of praise for his creativity.


However, not only the models were puppets. During this particular show, there was the presence of more prominent fashion personalities such as Anna Wintour, the chief editor of Vogue magazine, with an outfit very similar to her classic clothing and her indispensable accessories.


Like Wintour, many other personalities showed up on this catwalk as little dolls.


  •  Bora Aksu, Viral fashion campaigns.


Turkish designer Bora Aksu took past pandemics such as the Spanish flu and the First world war as inspiration. From them, he created a collection that everyone would like. Even if the designer spent many years isolated from the world, he decided that now was a good time as any to show up again. His goal was to make traditional styles no longer so.


He explained his reasoning when choosing these historical eras full of problems and death for his collection. Aksu said that a season full of abundance and happiness came after this darkness.


These voluminous white dresses with long stockings and white boots reflect the minimal dress of the nurses who cared for the war wounded and those who had the flu.


This campaign became a revolutionary element within platforms and many fashion magazines with a high degree of thoughtfulness.


  •  Dior film for its Cruise 2021 collection, Viral fashion campaigns.


Due to the suspension of the Paris Fashion week last year, Dior started to look for a way to showcase its pieces. In the end, the couture house decided to present its garment through a film of up to 20 minutes videos.


In a single video, Dior’s creative director Matteo Garrone created a tale full of fairies and nymphs. Over 3.7 million people around the world watched them on Instagram alone. In this video, you can see forest artisans who create the garments and the fairies’ costumes with a lot of work.


The idea was to create a surreal collection full of mystery and magic with a bohemian aesthetic inspired by craftsmanship.


The campaign gave much to talk about. It introduced a new way to present all fashion collections without having a packed audience.


  •  Dior Miniature Haute Couture.


Once again, Dior impresses everyone with the showcase of his dresses. In this case, he created an entirely small collection. Its small size came from the idea of the tale of a girl who loves fashion.


This collection was loaded with oversized dresses, filled with extravagant fabrics and pleated layers reminiscent of a bygone era full of glamour and eccentricities.


  •  Ralph & Russo’s avatar and Azzaro’s unique universe, Viral fashion campaigns.


Ralph & Russo presented last year in its autumn/winter Haute Couture collection photographs from its collections. Each of his designs was shown in some of the most critical architectural or natural monuments globally. Some of the garments were modelled by the same model, an avatar named Hauli, who was in charge of giving life to the garments.


Although Hauli was not the only model to use the outfits, as three other girls did, it was a crucial moment in the Ralph & Russo campaign where they showed clothes focused on futuristic aspects and bright colors.


Although the pandemic began to achieve different jobs in many different ways, the approach to fashion was the same in almost all collections. Fashion tries to convey a message to each of the spectators. Designers like Azzaro seek to offer the most sophisticated elements full of femininity without erasing their free and dynamic look.


The collection, alongside the Haulin avatar, is an ode to each of the smallest details that are constantly present in Parisian fashion. Although France is the cradle and city of style, each designer interprets it in a particular way. As a result, each creates collections that pay tribute to the city of lights for each of its important moments in creating this type of art.


Good things come out of change.


Without a doubt, fashion has changed a lot in recent years. From the beginning of experimentation with the most futuristic style to sustainable garments.


However, the arrival of the health crisis changed the dynamics of every industry in the world.


Although it was difficult initially, different clothing brands began to offer new ways to continue creating pieces adapted to the current situation.


While some used this theme as a form of reflection and social awareness, others created campaigns adjusted to the need of many to forget what was happening abroad.


Thanks to the marketing work of different brands, the fashion sector found an alternative to reach its most loyal customers and continue to offer impressive collections.


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