What is Burberry’s marketing strategy?

What is Burberry's marketing strategy

What is Burberry’s marketing strategy? Burberry is a luxury brand from Britain. And is dedicated to the manufacture of clothing and other accessories to make its contribution to good clothing. Its success, apart from professionalism, is also marked by the Burberry marketing strategies that we will mention in this post.


Like other fashion brands, Burberry has a digital marketing strategy for the creation of its content. The brand is aware that in an era of over-information, it is necessary to find a way to be able to differentiate itself. Especially from the content offered by other firms. And for this, they establish themselves under content marketing obtaining great success.


What kind of marketing does Burberry use?


What is Burberry's marketing strategyThe fact that it is a famous luxury brand does not mean that Burberry’s creative team was going to sit idly by. Just waiting for success to continue to come by itself. Talking about originality, it is worth noting that the Burberry brand is ahead. And that is one of the reasons why it has been able to stand out from other brands in a relevant way.


This fashion firm is guided by very specific marketing strategies focused mostly on content creation. But, for many people, it is strange that this important British brand is betting significantly on the creation of online content.


Content marketing, in fact, has been most important to this brand. But there is a very obvious reason. And it is that Burberry has understood the weight that communication channels and the online format have in reinforcing the reputation of brands. Because of this, since 2016, they have focused much more on content marketing, although years ago they had used it. And this has made it one of the top 20 of the most important luxury brands worldwide.


Burberry Marketing examples


On this occasion, we will review the best Burberry brand marketing campaigns. So that you know how they apply their content marketing strategies. Which has contributed to this company of English origin offering its clients successful content:


  • The Art of the Trench, What is Burberry’s marketing strategy.


What is Burberry's marketing strategyThrough this campaign, the goal of the brand was to generate community. That is why they switched to their classic models for real people to make a different promotion of their trench coat.


It is worth noting that this has been one of the most important campaigns of the brand. And it was perfect for Burberry to launch on the Facebook platform in 2009.


Also, to accompany its premiere on Facebook, an “Art of the Trench” website and a hashtag were launched. Which added millions of users and transformed them into true brand ambassadors.


This campaign is very important for the brand because it opened the doors for its digitization process.


Then, being the first 100% digital fashion company, it is a benchmark when it comes to content marketing.


  • Burberry Kisses, What is Burberry’s marketing strategy.


What is Burberry's marketing strategyThis campaign went live in 2013 with the idea of ​​attracting the “millennial” consumer.


For this, a new line of beauty products was promoted through a campaign characterized by innovation.


Likewise, for this, the brand allied with Google to use its image capture technology and allow users to detect their kisses. So that they could send them to anyone in the world, but with a touch of newness.


Although this detail was very simple, at the same time it was very fun for users. And above all, it was the right campaign to get closer to the millennial consumer. Who every day feels more interest in brands in the fashion sector.


  • Burberry Acoustic, What is Burberry’s marketing strategy.


Content marketing without creativity and authenticity would not be true content marketing. For this reason, to reinvent itself, Burberry has used music as a brand strategy and to show its collections. It started in 2014 with the Burberry acoustic campaign.


This space was available within the brand’s website. And important British artists have achieved a high level of visibility. Not only for this action but also others that they did through social media. On their YouTube channel and their parades, as they have also featured the music of these great artists.


This tactic is done in very simple steps that consist of Burberry playing the songs of these British-born artists. Who serve as representatives of this traditional English brand. While at the same time focusing on the history and music of the singer-songwriters. So, the songwriters and singers appear in these acoustic videos wearing clothing from the brand.


In this way, the brand also makes use of content marketing to reinforce its values. And its achievement can be reflected in that it has been the first fashion brand to have its own Apple Music channel.


  • Pinterest, What is Burberry’s marketing strategy.


From 2016 to the present, Burberry has wanted to provide its users with a personalized experience through Pinterest. And they are again the first luxury brand to do this.


Every user that arrives at the brand’s Carlashes landing page receives three questions and answers regarding their makeup habits. And together with the initials of your user, they are used to generate a Pinterest board. All in an automatic and personalized way.


This alliance between Burberry & Pinterest is part of a campaign to launch a line of mascara. And the objective apart from providing a personalized experience was to promote the purchase.


Since each of the boards had a direct link to the Sephora online store. Where users could purchase the products proposed by the brand.


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BluCactus - Linn Larsson Through the campaigns we have mentioned, the luxury brand Burberry has been a pioneer in content marketing.


Best of all, it has been able to apply the appropriate strategies to meet the current needs of consumers. And that only makes one thing clear. And that is that without capable marketing, this fashion house would not have the attention it has managed to capture to this day.


No matter the level of the brands, all can use marketing to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses. At BluCactus we can help your business achieve the visibility you want. And to get a greater number of potential customers through a marketing strategy tailored to the needs of your business.


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