What is influencer marketing and how can it help you promote your brand?

What is influencer marketing | BluCactus UK

What is influencer marketing and how can it help you promote your brand? Nowadays, we all want to boost our brands. Especially if we work in the fashion industry since there is a lot of competition between us. A good way to do this is through influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing is a strategy that is still considered new and is about making partnering links between brands and companies. Besides people with visibility and prominence on social media or the Internet in general. Meaning, influencers.


It was thanks to the Internet that these people appeared in our lives. Making traditional media take a back seat, by achieving the status of famous people and celebrities. Now it is no longer just about the media but the person itself, becoming a reference for the masses.


These influencers have the main trait of having hook and charisma in the virtual world. And many consider themselves experts in a specific subject or area. Some YouTubers, Instagramers, and bloggers, have channels with millions of subscribers.


They are like diamonds for brands, thanks to mouth-to-mouth advertising and human beings live off reviews. Even just criticism, comments, or simply something they are wearing ends up with an endless number of users who want or imitate them or simply buy out of necessity. Because “if David Beckham thanks Dolce and Gabanna, it is for a reason”.


In BluCactus we will teach you more about this topic. And we hope it will help you analyze it. And then, you get some good influencers or micro-influencers that adapt to you and your needs to attract more sales and a better niche.


What is influencer marketing?


What is influencer marketing | BluCactus UKThis kind of digital marketing continues to boom. And many put it into practice for the action and what it means for users. For this reason, it is considered a trend but is still a strategy that is expected to continue to be used.


The good news is that the dissemination agents, which in this case are the influencers, are more integrated with the environment, thus becoming the most important for brands.


So, we can say that influencer marketing is a strategy that brings together brands with influencers to connect with a target audience. We must bear in mind that not all influencers are going to be a good fit for our brand. So, we must find one that is linked with us and what we are looking for.


Any company can have this influence, large or small, to reach audiences. Since influencers or celebrities are not the only people who have many followers. But some micro-influencers are those who reach smaller niches and achieve a high level of conversions. Because they reach the most selected public, but with a greater reach.


Influencers become brand partners in exchange for helping to promote products and services to their audiences. Turning those masses into target audiences. This is what makes them useful, that ability to communicate with their followers and in this way influence them.


How to promote your brand with influencers?


What is influencer marketing | BluCactus UKAs I told you, it is not that you are going to look for Cristiano Ronaldo just because he has so many millions of followers. Because, unless you are a great brand and offer him a fortune that you need to sell a kidney and an eye to get it, we cannot reach him so easily. That is why we can start from the bottom with micro-influencers that help us get to a more specific niche.


It is an excellent way, as you must imagine, to attract new customers through new technologies and social media. With them, you can find a good reputation for their good reputation. It is a win-win.


An influencer is a person who knows a certain subject and has reached a good target. They reach their community of followers on social media, getting them to help your business to become known. Along with spreading messages, products, or whatever you want.


In this sense, the benefits can be in SMEs (Small and medium-sized companies). And within them, you can find the increase in the company’s reputation. Because when the influencer speaks well, transmits quality and gives a positive image. Followed by amplification of the message, since it has an established community. So, it is easier to amplify the message.


Third, it generates conversions by attracting customers that you can lead directly or indirectly. Another good feature is that it humanizes your brand, by putting a face to it. And bringing it closer to people who may be interested. Also, the increase in credibility, which is the most important aspect. Because most of these purchases are made by recommendation, which helps credibility. 


Now, if you want an influencer for your company, you must know that they don’t need to be famous. But it should not be just anyone. That is why choosing the right influencer is the first step and this is the secret to the key to success. You should not make your decision before considering these aspects:


It has to look like your audience. You must consider not only the quantity but those who are interested in your brand and what you want to achieve.


The similarity of values. The influencer’s values ​​must be similar to your company’s. Because coherence between the message that you are giving with the goal you want to achieve is important. 


Win-Win. Your company receives benefits when you work with an influencer. But the influencer should also receive benefits derived from this collaboration.


How do influencers influence advertising?


They influence, and quite a lot. They can build you up and take you to the top or destroy your product in a single story. This happens thanks to the mirror neurons, it is something very scientific. This happens thanks to empathy and the desire to imitate the product they promote.


It worsened after the pandemic when electronic commerce became a hit. And people from home entered the social media page of companies on their websites for their products. Rizzolatti was the one who discovered these neurons. And are part of a network system that achieves the execution, perception, and intention of the human mind.


These neurons fire when certain actions are performed and when we see what others are doing. They generate empathy, thanks to which we can imitate certain behaviours or thoughts that come from those role models.


Interesting, right? Do you already know what is the secret to promoting your brand with Influencers? At BluCactus we approve this technique as a good way to boost your fashion business to the next level and we invite you to call us to find out more information.

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