What does a presentation for pharmaceuticals contain?

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What does a presentation for pharmaceuticals contain? The pharmaceutical industry is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of medicinal products. It is important to consider certain elements such as customers, competition, pharmaceutical positioning, and prices when presenting them.


If you want to introduce new pharmaceutical products to the market, we will tell you what your presentation should contain to be convincing and attract your customer’s attention.


Why is the presentation of a pharmaceutical product important?


BluCactus - powerpoint presentation on laptopWhat does a presentation for pharmaceuticals contain?  Companies carry out different strategies when it comes to publicizing a product. For pharmaceutical companies, presentations have become a great option to promote their products. In fact, they are very effective as long as they meet the target audience’s needs.  


First impressions matter, and in the end, as a pharmaceutical owner, your success depends on whether a customer buys your products or not. Thus, if it is an efficient demonstration, you will only have to focus on meeting the demand and expectations of new customers.


To make a presentation of pharmaceutical products, you should take all the time necessary for its organization. As well as giving relevance to other aspects that will help you to obtain a better performance in the market.


What information should the presentation of a pharmaceutical product contain?


BluCactus - powerpoint presentation on laptopWhat does a presentation for pharmaceuticals contain?  What kind of presentation will you make? This is the first question you must answer. Define whether you want to present a new product or a new line of existing ones.


Let’s say you have a medicine in tablet form; if it will now be available in syrup, your customer should know about it.


Once you determine the product or products you will present, you can continue to complete your logistics. 


To structure your product presentation, add the following elements:




BluCactus - powerpoint presentation on laptopThe introduction is the first step in creating empathy with the customer. However, even if your presentation of medicines is created with the goal of selling your products, it is not convenient to start talking about them. The best thing to do is to start with a topic related to the pharmaceutical industry. Or also with a series of questions based on the client’s needs, so your presentation does not appear to be a monologue. 


Value proposition


After achieving empathy with the customer, you can comment on the product’s value proposition. You cannot make the mistake of highlighting only the product’s features. Therefore, talk about the value the customer will get if they buy this product and what specific solution it guarantees.


Tell a story 


BluCactus - powerpoint presentation on laptopYou can tell a story or an anecdote related to your product. Why? Because they have a potential effect on your customers.


Although facts are hard to remember, narratives of a particular event stick in the memory. That is why, in your presentation, you should fit your product into a story.


The goal is for the customer to imagine what happened while living it in their mind.


However, the story should tell how to solve a customer’s need. However, it can also be related to your business principles or pharmaceutical historiography.


Sales arguments 


When we talk about sales arguments, we refer to the justifications that can be solved with your product. To do this, select the characteristics of the pharmaceutical product that can be adjusted to the customer’s demand. Then, present them personalized and with illustrations as advantages or benefits to cause the expected impact.


Examples with evidence 


What does a presentation for pharmaceuticals contain?  Your arguments must be strengthened to generate trust and achieve the sale to a customer. You must offer evidence and examples that reinforce your value proposition to achieve this. You can use reviews from other customers or testimonials, although you can also make a comparison between your products and the competition. Basically, you should mention elements that can convince the customer.


Execute a call to action


The call to action is the closing point where we must tell the customer that we are waiting for their request for information or purchase. It is assumed that the presentation of a product is made with the mission to sell. To this end, we must remind the customer, as he will be waiting for you to ask for it persuasively. This is the phase where the customer’s desire is awakened; according to marketing experts, 90% will be waiting for this requirement. However, 85% of salespeople waste this phase.


Final recommendations for creating a pharmaceutical product presentation


BluCactus -pharmaceutical showing pillsWhat does a presentation for pharmaceuticals contain? If you want to conclude with a successful pharmaceutical products presentation, take into account the following suggestions: 


Understand your customer: This way, you will be able to customize your presentation based on their needs. 


Design your product: There can be no mistakes when presenting it to the potential customer. Mention the value it brings, the problems it solves, how it differs from the competition, and who is the perfect consumer. 


Define the purpose of the presentation: Keep in mind the main idea of your proposal and what you want to achieve with your customers. Keeping these objectives clear allows you to manage your presentation better. 


Show your product clearly: Pharmaceutical products have a composition that is difficult to explain. Do not complicate your life by making elaborate presentations. Remember that the simpler your proposal is, the more information the client will not be saturated with.


Give importance to the customer’s need: Your customer should be the focal point of your presentation. In the same way, use your product to help them make smart investments and earn money.


Customize your presentation: Focus on the customer’s needs, even if you think all your product features can benefit the customer. If you have created a presentation that works with different business aspects, highlight what the customer needs to solve their problem. 


BluCactus - happy pharmaceutical looking at cameraAdd statistics: Real statistics about your proposal help you convey more credibility to the customer. You can talk about the characteristics of your pharmaceutical product but complement your argument with real data. 


Keep your presentation short: You must optimize the time for each point you make in your sales meeting. Establish a calculated time for your explanation and participation. It doesn’t matter how entertaining your presentation is because the client will most likely lose concentration if it is too long. 


Practice your presentation: It is likely to feel nervous when presenting your product in front of the customer. That is why, before your proposal, you should practice the most essential points of your presentation. This way, you will be able to act like a prepared salesperson.


Do you want to present your pharmaceutical products?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Now that you know what a pharmaceutical product presentation should contain, it’s time to get to work. BluCactus can help you during the creation process. We are a digital marketing agency, and our team specializes in creating customized product presentations. We focus on your customers’ needs to solve them through your value proposition. 


Contact us right now, and we will create for you an attractive presentation to attract potential customers.


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