White Hat SEO: Your company’s best friend in marketing strategies

White Hat SEO: Your company’s best friend in marketing strategies

White Hat SEO. The world of SEO is broad, and there are two basic concepts that everyone should know. One of those two concepts is the White Hat SEO which, within the web positioning strategies, represents “the good”. There is Black Hat SEO, known to be “the bad/dangerous” side of SEO.


We will talk about SEO philosophy. Although in the theoretical and practical aspects, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are opposite elements. That does not mean that they are incompatible. However, some prefer to use the term Gray Hat, as they use techniques from both sides. Today we will delve only into the White Hat.


What determines the good and bad of SEO?


For those who do not know, it is very easy. Google determines the ethical standards of the positioning strategies in their search engine. So if you follow Google’s guidelines, you will implement White Hat SEO.


If, on the contrary, you want to speed up the positioning by trying to manipulate the search results. Google will eventually realize it and the consequences for your website will be worse. Because of this, we recommend that you do things right.


What is White Hat SEO?


  • How to get approval from search engines?


White Hat SEO: Your company’s best friend in marketing strategiesWe will focus in this article on Google’s established guidelines to implement web positioning strategies or SEO. Even though each search engine establishes its guidelines, most of them base the website’s position on the advice that we will give you below.


However, it is always an excellent idea to inquire about the rules set by other search engines besides Google. This way, to position yourself in the first place of their search results, you will remember what they require.


Likewise, we highlight that not all techniques work 100% in all cases. Their effectiveness depends on the niche of the market, objectives, competition, and the strategy that is being implemented.


However, with content marketing, these are some tactics that work perfectly:


  • Higher quality content


White Hat SEO: Your company’s best friend in marketing strategiesSince content is the foundation of this marketing strategy, it must be able to connect with the public. People enter the internet with some objectives, among them are to interact and find information related to a need. So, based on the last of the suggestions, content is one of the best ways to satisfy those information desires.


How to create good content?


Research and analyze the content that interests your audience. Then resolve the doubts that it has through different means: articles, social media publications, eBooks, and infographics, among others.


Content creation bases itself on two key elements: originality and utility.


By applying these two notions, users will find your content useful and it will encourage them to recommend your website and share your articles on social media. Including interesting content on your website is part of the White Hat SEO practices recommended by Google. This and other search engines consider the websites that get frequent visits and where the users stay the longest. Why? Because this shows that the information on these websites is useful to them.


This way, according to the valuation that a search engine gives your website, it’ll rise in the search’s position results.


  • Design


White Hat SEO: Your company’s best friend in marketing strategiesThis is another tactic that has different applications, whether in the presentation of a website, brand design, or adaptability to unique devices. All with the same importance. Your website must be visually attractive. Likewise, its design must facilitate the reading and interpretation of the content.


How we represent the brand must not only be attractive but consistent to the communication and sales interests of the company. Also, we must structure it according to the interest of consumers.


Sometimes, we cannot distinguish the letters of a website we enter, or the information is not in tune with the title of the page. This, of course, causes great displeasure. Because of this, we recommend consistency above all.


The site must have an adaptive or responsive design. Whether it is on a computer, on a tablet, or a smartphone, it has to display perfectly.


Before creating your website, verify that the host has the “responsive web” option.


  • HTML code, White Hat SEO.


White Hat SEO: Your company’s best friend in marketing strategiesHaving a well-structured HTML code is a tactic that facilitates the display of web content. It contributes to the website’s good positioning in the search engines.


The idea is to have an easy-to-use code to be easily found and thus increase the visibility of your company. While creating the website, it could happen that the code you are using is not appropriate.


It is important to choose it according to the functionality you want to give your website. That is why some systems give you the option to choose between different codes.


Where can we find these codes?


We can find them at the top when we insert a direct link.


  • Attractive Titles.


This point is just as important as the content, and that is why we will explain it. The title, as we know it, is the mouthpiece of information. It ensures that the user decides whether to read or view content.


In this sense, on the Internet, the title of our page works as our room address. That is how we can find our website in the digital world. Just like a newspaper headline, the title of your website should incite consumption, hence the importance of it being attractive, promising, and interesting.

  • Keywords, White Hat SEO.


White Hat SEO: Your company’s best friend in marketing strategiesWhat do we mean by keywords?


We know them for being the basis of marketing content strategy or the result of the analysis of user searches. A keyword is a kind of code, a set of specific words that lead to top search engine results.


The compilation of these words requires an in-depth study. They make their selection according to the subject of the content.


Next, we recommend:


Investigate: Before creating content, do some research, but what digital tools can we use?


You can take into account the suggestions of the Google search engine. Use tools like Keywordtool.io, or even your instinct based on what you know about your target audience. Analyze how people could search your topic or find you and detail what words they used to search concepts. This way, you will become familiar with the words that users use the most to make their search queries.


Study your competition: Use analysis tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to see where your competitors are directing their strategies. Do not forget to look at which keywords have the most traffic and the pages that generate the most conversion. That way, you can develop a strategy that allows you to beat them.


Analyze: Remember to review all the above. Find what works for the competition, upgrade it, and go looking for new long tails without giving up. And, if you have a new website or have not worked with any SEO strategy before, work three times as hard as your competitors to get excellent results.


Although long-tail words are very useful to be found on the net, they must be fundamental pieces of our texts. Therefore, they should not appear far-fetched or forced into written content. This is because search engine algorithms track the structures in which we include the words typed by the user.



  • Links


There is a rather peculiar strategy and, although it may not seem like it, it requires extensive knowledge of your market. However, you have to carry it out to gain not only positioning but also credibility among people. If we analyze these two advantages in-depth, the second effect is more important than the first. We are talking about link building.


  • Link building, White Hat SEO.


As we just mentioned, link building is a strategy that goes hand in hand with your company’s value proposition. Getting natural and quality links may be a complicated task, and this could be true. However, it favors the construction of your domain authority.


But it is very easy to fall into spam. To avoid paying for links, we have this example for you:


When someone in a forum, which deals with a topic, writes a response that links to the user who started the forum.


How is this?


Imagine that you are in a forum or a WhatsApp chat, and a user comments on a response, but this response links to a page or website. The said user performs this action so that others go to this site or web page. Here, it is possible to notice that this action is not accidental.


Luckily, Google has refined its algorithms and has become more cunning at detecting when links are unnatural. So, if you want to promote your project, you must use a professional and quality link building strategy.


We recommend planning, studying the competition, and creating useful content to gain external links. If you need to resort to sponsored links, go for them, without a doubt, it is an investment that will be worth it. You can collaborate with bloggers, to promote both your content and theirs. Each link must have a meaning and importance that justifies it.


Before choosing a link that redirects your website, inspect what type of traffic it has, what topics it focuses on, and who links it. It is a lot of work; we know. But we believe that your project is worth it.


  • Constancy, White Hat SEO.


Constancy makes the teacher. And we do not say it in jest. Constancy leads to gaining discipline, generates authority, and search engines consider it most of the time. So, with greater constancy, greater visibility, and with greater visibility, greater interaction.


Do you understand?


  • Strategic links


What do we mean by strategic links? 


It is when we link to another tool that provides benefits. For example, let’s say your makeup company does makeup tutorials on YouTube to promote their products. So if you link your videos to your social media and vice versa, you can reach a wider audience. This strategy is effective as long as you remember the tastes and preferences of your target audience.


  • Bet on long-tail strategies, White Hat SEO.


We know that your main goal, and everyone’s, is to be in the top 1 of the search results with your main keyword. However, on new websites or those that have done little SEO, this does not happen overnight.


One of the best White Hat techniques to position your website is to go from less to more. An excellent strategy is to opt for keywords with fewer searches but also less competitive since this makes it easier for us to position our URL.


They do not provide many monthly visits, but they will signal Google that these keywords are also part of our niche.





  • User, White Hat SEO.


The main reason you create an enterprise, apart from the economic income, is for the personal growth that interaction with your clients brings you. Well, the same thing happens on your page. To have a good performance, it must adapt to the user. We know this as UX or User Experience.


White Hat SEO Disadvantages


One drawback of White Hat SEO is its limited scope, why?


When we do organic work, no matter how hard we want to move forward, we have to go step by step, because if we hurry things, they can take us for spam, and that is not the idea. Although SEO specialists can optimize a website, organic optimization strategies for search engines give results in the medium and long term.


Concerning Off-Page Optimization, the possibilities are very limited if you do not want to end up doing Black Hat SEO, or Gray Hat SEO. Google has banned unnatural link building strategies in its guidelines for web developers, such as spam methods or link buying.


Another drawback is the competition. If we use Black or Gray Hat SEO, it would almost force the company to use these methods frequently so as not to be left behind.


For this reason, it is difficult to beat another highly optimized website in the rankings only with White Hat SEO measures.


However, if we optimize the website with Black Hat’s methods, it would receive a penalty. Furthermore, it would take a lot of time to catch up on a clean-method optimized website. Besides, the damage it causes to the reputation of the website can sometimes be irreparable.


So, we know that the aforementioned optimization work that White Hat SEO allows within its framework is very slow and complex. Although Black Hat SEO is fast and more profitable, in the long term White Hat SEO is more helpful in terms of costs.


White Hat SEO Advantages


  • Security: White Hat SEO is a technique that guarantees that Google will not penalize the website, as it follows its instructions to the letter.


Ethics: If you are in the top positions with White Hat SEO, it is because you are doing things well and adding value to users.


  • Stability: Pages that use Black Hat SEO techniques can achieve their position in a short time. While this may be good in the short term, once Google notices it, it will penalize them.


The fall-off of the rankings is very hard. Instead, optimizing pages with SEO White Hat positioning methods guarantees that the position achieved is sustainable, even when Google changes its algorithms.


  • Profitability: White Hat techniques generate high-quality, organic traffic. They also guarantee that we do not lose the investment since we will avoid Google’s penalties.


Follow Google’s guidelines


Google is our best ally, do not forget it.


When Google speaks, SEOs are silent. If Google establishes that the loading speed influences the positioning, we take care that the pages of our clients load quickly. To do this, we optimize the images, review the behavior of the server, and create quality content for your website.


We know that one of the most important things is variety. For this reason, our team develops content strategies with different keywords, since we understand that people can search the same thing differently and that search engines are intelligent enough to interpret these search queries.


We understand that if Google sets rules, it is for an important reason. Google is the search engine par excellence, so it informs us about the factors it takes into account to position a website, we must take this into account when developing your project.


At BluCactus we are very clear that when implementing SEO strategies it is very important to be up to date with the changes. This implies that what has always worked does not mean that it will work tomorrow since SEO is very changeable. In this sense, it is important to analyze your website’s performance and optimize it as Google’s algorithms change.


It is important to listen to reliable sources, be aware of Google updates, and consult professionals on the matter. Instead of paying attention to what anyone says on the Internet.


At our agency, we apply innovative strategies and offer personalized solutions to help our clients increase their organic traffic and improve their visibility. We commit to White Hat SEO and the satisfaction of adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards.


Avoid Black Hat SEO!


  • How to avoid Black Hat SEO?


If you have a company and you launch yourself into the online world or, you are already in it. The first thing that you should remember is the SEO strategy that you will implement. To do this, we recommend hiring a professional or an agency specialized in digital marketing.


However, some questions you may have are: How do you know that they will do it well? How to make sure they will not implement Black Hat SEO?


Our best advice is to be wary of agencies that offer cheap service with quick results.


If someone tells you that your website will go from position 100 in Google to 1 in three days, be suspicious. That is impossible to do with good SEO, and the only thing that you will get is a Google penalty.


SEO is a process that requires time and a lot of consistency; it is not something that we can achieve in two days and, once achieved, we must maintain it. You must have SEO experimented professionals. A true SEO professional will never carry out “black” techniques and, we assure you, the long-term results will be a thousand times better.


If you are interested in contacting us, do so!


We are just one click away to offer you solutions to your problems and help you achieve your goals. As a company specialized in Digital Marketing, we are interested in the progress of your brand, for which we will develop highly effective strategies to achieve it. But above all, we want you to see the progress of your website with us.


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