Why are haute couture brands so successful? Where does it come from?

Why are haute couture brands so successful

Why are haute couture brands so successful? Where does it come from? We can define haute couture in a single word, which would be “exclusivity”. That’s why, during all this time, it has been able to stand out from other brands trying to reach a competitive level. But now, the question would be, what are the characteristics of haute couture that make it so successful?


The reality is that haute couture follows certain standards that other fashion brands don’t. For example, luxury brands tend to make tailor-made suits for all their clients. They also have a workshop in Paris and work full time to create incredible collections of approximately 50 original designs.


Similarly, haute couture can stand out because they know how to take advantage of marketing strategies. In fact, each season, they meet the needs of their target audience and attract new customers to increase sales.


What makes a brand special?


Why are haute couture brands so successfulWhen talking about haute couture, we think about exclusive designs, most handmade with only the highest quality materials. In fact, we can consider each haute couture garment a true work of art. After all, they’re pieces that won’t be seen by just everyone.


These are some of the brands that meet the requirements to fit into the haute couture category:


  • Chanel
  • Valentino
  • Versace
  • Dior
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier


These are some brands classified as haute couture. After all, they have shown enough reasons for the public to want to belong to their guild.


What is the success of haute couture brands?


Why are haute couture brands so successfulThere are very clear qualities and a precise action plan that makes haute couture brands successful.


Today, we’ll explain them point-by-point. Let’s start:


  • They address an audience in specific. 


The brand’s identity is important for the public who follows haute couture. That’s why luxury brands focus on market niches where customers are in search of elegance and distinction.


Of course, to segment the ideal person, they first evaluate different niches. This is the only way to find clients, really profitable in the long term.


Why are haute couture brands so successful

  • They look for a sustainable audience, Why are haute couture brands so successful.


Haute couture brands have very clear objectives. One of them is to have a segmented public to take care of long-term sustainability. They don’t fall into extremes when segmenting to avoid inconveniences that may affect their brand.


A very clear example is the Armani brand. It has focused on a limited group of professionals, and its growth has been reduced. Upon realizing this, its target audience segment was expanded.


  • They add value to your brand, Why are haute couture brands so successful.


Just like luxury brands, you must determine what elements can give value to your brand so that it can stand out from others. Luxury brands seek to have characteristics that make them stand out. However, these must also convey a message to the public following their own values.


This way, luxury brands that make clothing focus on fashion rather than trends.


  • They use their own story, Why are haute couture brands so successful.


Haute couture has achieved success because they have known how to attract its target audience through its history and growth.


In the same way, the history of haute couture of each brand is used to distinguish itself from the others. This way, its customers can feel identified and interested in being part of it.


A very common characteristic of haute couture is how these brands create a special page on their website to tell their story to potential customers. Besides, both with the story and with the testimonies of the audience, they create and maintain their identity per the brand.


  • They create exclusivity, Why are haute couture brands so successful.


We mentioned this term at the beginning of the post because it’s usually the most used by haute couture. In fact, so that exclusivity is always present, luxury brands focus on scarcity. In short, they produce their products in small quantities to sell them to just a few people.


This way, not everyone can get their hands on them and thus create a sense of exclusivity.


Of course, when a garment is exclusive, it isn’t available to the public, but those who have enough money to purchase that product will get it. So, luxury brands remain focused on guaranteeing their buyers the prestige they desire when purchasing luxury clothing.


  • Become a symbol of status, Why are haute couture brands so successful. 


Suppose your brand is also in the luxury category. In that case, you must study different market niches to determine how other high fashion brands have positioned their products.


The most recognized luxury brands have had the perception of the client as their starting point.


In other words, they focus on transmitting what potential clients want when acquiring a garment. In this case, it would be elegance and prestige.



  • They position their luxury brand on the internet.


Digital marketing and advertising are elements that are an essential part of luxury brands. It’s also important to clarify that they work differently. After all, haute couture doesn’t need to enter the competition to show that it can satisfy its target audience.


Brands must connect with the emotions and sensations of their customers. Luxury brands focus on a good branding strategy, taking care of details such as typography, colors, and badges. Similarly, they prefer not to add icons or slogans because they know less is more.


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